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Why You Should Apply for the RAC

Earning the RAC demonstrates to employers, clients and colleagues that a regulatory professional has the essential knowledge, skills, critical thinking abilities and commitment to advancing professional knowledge and abilities.

As the demand for competent regulatory professionals increases globally, RAC-credentialed professionals are well positioned to be effective team members and contributors in every work setting.

Recognition of the RAC continues to grow around the world and RAC-credentialed professionals earn higher salaries than those who do not hold the credential.*

RAC Benefits for You

  • Illustrates your regulatory proficiency
  • Highlights your professional and personal accomplishments in regulatory affairs
  • Encourages continuous career development through credential maintenance
  • Promotes career longevity and advancement through continued skill development
  • Secures greater earning potential (RAC holders earn an average of 18% more than those without the credential*)

RAC Benefits for Your Employer

  • Validates your employee’s professional competence in the regulatory field
  • Promotes ongoing professional development through credential maintenance
  • Encourage development of a more productive and highly trained workforce

* Based on data from the 2018 RAPS Scope of Practice & Compensation Survey of the Regulatory Profession