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The Regulatory Affairs Certification Board (RACB) oversees the development of the RAC examinations. Each examination is developed by an examination committee comprised of practicing regulatory experts knowledgeable about the relevant regulations for the region.

Exam Development Process

The examination content outlines and the RAC examinations are based on job analysis studies undertaken by the RAC program. These studies are guided by experts in testing and measurement. The job analysis studies are completed before an examination is created and repeated as needed to determine whether there are changes in the role and scope of practice of regulatory professionals that would require adjustment of the examination content. The job analysis study is used to develop the content outline for each examination and determine the number and type of questions to be included in each content area.

While the examination content outlines may be used for a period of several years, the questions on the examinations are updated every year to reflect current regulations, guidelines and practice. New examination content is added for the Spring testing cycle and covers regulations in effect as of 31 December of the previous year.

Exam Scoring

RAC examinations are scored by Scantron after the close of the testing cycle. Examinations are not scored at testing centers. A statistical report of scoring is reviewed by a statistician and the examination committee to assure ongoing quality of the examinations.

All scores are reported on a scale of 0 to 99 with 75 being the passing score. The scaled score is neither the number of questions answered correctly, nor the percent of questions answered incorrectly. The scaled score cannot be used to determine the number of correctly answered questions needed to pass the examination.

Score Reporting

Candidates will receive their scaled score, pass/fail status and a score report summarizing performance on each domain.

Examination results are typically available four to six weeks after the close of the testing cycle. You will receive an email notification with your results. Results are released only to candidates. No results will be reported over the telephone or by fax.

Candidates do not receive a copy of the examination, their examination score sheet, information on the performance statistics of specific examination questions or information on the performance of other individual candidates or group of candidates.

Cut Score Determination

The cut score for each RAC examination is determined by a cut score panel and the respective RAC examination committee, with training and support from the testing vendor. Cut scores are determined using a modified Anghoff method and expert judgment of committee members. This methodology involves developing a profile of the minimally competent candidate who has 3–5 years of regulatory experience and assessing each test question relative to this profile. A new cut score is determined following each job analysis, when there are changes in the body of knowledge underlying the examination or when equator questions are changed.

Cut score determinations are presented to the RACB for review.

For more information about score reporting and how the RAC examination is developed, please see the full RAC Policies and Procedures.