Grace Powers

Rajeev Aneja

Associate Director, Clinical Trial Management, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, USA
Skillman, New Jersey (USA)

RAC holder since 2014


How did you get into a regulatory career? What do you like about regulatory affairs?

I started out managing regulatory submission capability. What I really like about regulatory affairs is that it touches all functional areas of the drug development process.

How were you introduced to RAPS? Why did you decide to become involved?

My desire to dive deep into regulatory knowledge drew me towards RAPS. I initially started by attending chapter events where I met like-minded people. Then, I just continued to follow my passion.

What motivated you to pursue the RAC certification?

I wanted to challenge myself to know the regulatory affairs way of working to the fullest. Gaining the RAC has opened so many doors for me to grow professionally.

How did you prepare for the RAC exam? What steps would you recommend to someone thinking about achieving certification?

To prepare for my certification exam, I read RAPS’ “Fundamentals of US Regulatory Affairs” and took several simulated practice tests. I would recommend the same strategy to RAC candidates. I would also recommend they develop a set of flash cards and keep revisiting them. Study groups also are quite helpful—I have helped many colleagues prepare for the RAC exam by forming and running study groups to support them.