Janmeet Anant

Rania Nosseir

Director, Global Regulatory Affairs at Pfizer Inc.
Montreal, Quebec Canada

RAC holder since 2019


What is a typical day like for you?

As a global regulatory strategist, I work on designing, progressing, and monitoring the execution of the global regulatory strategy for anti-infective assets in emerging markets. I work with a complex matrix of cross-functional colleagues at global, regional, and market levels. The assets I manage are in different stages of development—from early clinical phases (Phase 1/2) through registration phases.

What was an especially memorable moment for you on the job?

I led a rapid response team of subject matter experts who were gathered to address challenging queries from the health authority in a major market in Asia. Together, we turned the tide from potential rejection of the product to final approval.

Has earning the RAC helped you tackle a specific business issue?

Yes! Being well rounded in the regulatory frameworks of different emerging markets—especially key markets like China—is key to top performance as a strategist. The knowledge and skills I gained in preparing for the RAC exam was a major contributor to a successful strategy in China for one of the assets under my responsibility. The knowledge I gained helped me guide a team of regulatory colleagues to achieve breakthrough goals in China’s complex review process.

What advice would you give to someone looking to start a career in regulatory?

Regulatory is an interesting career with the ever-evolving environment worldwide. Set your goals. A regulatory job is not just filling and submitting applications. It is about thinking critically regarding the objectives and timelines, analyzing the situation, then crafting a strategy that ensures the success of the submission. It requires strong soft skills as well as technical knowledge.