Tyler Ting

Tyler Ting

Regulatory Affairs Manager at LightDeck Diagnostics
Lafayette, CO (USA)

RAC holder since 2020


How did you get into a regulatory career? What do you like about regulatory affairs?

As an intern in engineering school, I worked in the project management office of a medical device company assisting with many different functions. I got to work with regulatory affairs in building a database of regulatory approvals. I was fascinated by how disparate the regulatory requirements were for each country. I left the project management office but carried those skills into my first full-time role in regulatory affairs. From that time almost a decade ago, I am still fascinated at the evolution of regulatory science in government bodies around the world to ensure the safe and effective use of medical devices.

What is a typical day like for you?

I work from home during the pandemic, and my focus is entirely on COVID-19 Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) preparation for the In Vitro Diagnostic tests made by my organization. I work with project teams in testing, validating the tests, and gathering regulatory inputs from the FDA in this fast-paced era of COVID-19.

How were you introduced to RAPS? Why did you decide to become involved? 

RAPS has been a critical part of every organization I have worked for—from the very first one I joined. Regulatory affairs as a profession has a very organizationally-focused mindset and that's what inspired me to join the leading edge of our industrial group. They do a fantastic job supporting the profession, from news sharing to skills building.

How has the RAC helped you in your work? Does your organization encourage certification?

I received the RAC Devices certification in the Fall of 2020. Certification gave me an enormous boost in performance at my job. Prior to entering my new organization in the IVD field, I had not studied that type of device. I learned a large amount from the RAPS book and study materials about IVDs that I use in my job every day. As the regulatory leader at my organization, I would encourage anyone who is passionate about regulatory affairs to pursue the RAC.

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