Why is an online recertification process being introduced?
The online process allows for several improvements that RAC holders have been looking for:
  • The ability for you to add credits as they are earned
  • The ability to submit recertification forms online
  • The ability to pay online
  • The removal of the need to print and email pdf forms
How do I recertify using the online method?
Please see the step-by-step instructions on the RAC Recertification there is also a video walk through to help you with the process.
How do I log into the RAPS website?
To access the RAC online recertification you will need to login to the RAPS website. Click your name at the top right to go to My Profile - Purchases - Certifications.
I have never logged in before/I have forgotten my login or password
Select Forgot Password to reset your login (see instructions).  If you have trouble logging in, it is best to contact the RAPS Customer Service team on 301 220 7970 extension 200 to establish your login and ensure it is linked to your RAC record. Do not create a new account, this will not link to your RAC record and you will not be able to recertify online.  
I have never used the RAPS log in before, why do I now have to do that?
To log and track your RAC credits you need to log into the RAPS website. The RAC program cannot verify your credits, and therefore your recertification application, without this. As an alternative you can submit the paper/pdf forms for the foreseeable future but we prefer you try the online system first.
What if I do not want to log in or use the new process?
The RAC program will continue to provide paper/pdf forms for the foreseeable future.
Do I need to enter credits that I have earned through RAPS?
Yes. At this stage the system does not have the capability to automatically record credits earned through RAPS. For example, if you attend Convergence, you will still need to enter those credits yourself.
Can my recertification be audited?
Yes. While the online credit tracking allows for credits to be entered, it does not currently allow for evidence of earned credits to be provided in the system. As such you should keep evidence, such as a certificate, record of attendance or similar documentation. This documentation should be kept for at least 12 months after recertification.

I want to recertify an RAC that has expired. Can I do that?

RAC recertification applications may be submitted up to one calendar year post-expiration, but expired recertification applications must use the paper forms and cannot be processed online. Paper recertification applications may be found here. If more than one calendar year has elapsed since your RAC expiration date,  you will need to re-take the exam in order to regain your RAC credential.