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  • RAC (US) Practice Exam
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Free Resources

Review the Exam Content Outlines for Your RAC Exam:

Content outlines detail the areas covered on each exam and can serve as a helpful tool for assessing your knowledge base, identifying your areas of strength and weakness, and guiding your study plan.

Go Over Your RAC Study Checklist:

Practice Tests

Each RAC practice test is made up of 100 test questions and provides feedback by content area and by question. You may take the practice exam as many times as you wish for one year. The 100 questions are selected from a pool and ordered at random to provide a unique testing experience each time.

Simulate the RAC Testing Experience

Take a 35-question simulation of an actual RAC exam provided by Castle, the RAC program’s independent testing vendor. The simulation gives you a realistic feel for the testing experience—think of it as a “dress rehearsal” for the exam. Once you complete the simulated exam, you will receive a score and information detailing your areas of strength and weakness. 

Like the RAC exam itself, the simulation is provided by Castle, an independent testing agency, on their testing environment, so you’ll be leaving the RAPS website.

Local Resources

If you study more effectively with a group, contact your local RAPS chapter to inquire about study groups and other RAC preparatory events.

Important Notice

  • RAPS does not state or imply that RAC preparation material provided by RAPS is the best or only means for preparing adequately for the RAC examination.
  • No advantage is given to candidates who participate in preparation material provided by RAPS, over candidates who choose to prepare using any other material or method.
  • The use and purchase of preparation courses and materials is optional.
  • RAPS and the RAC program does not state or imply that these education or training programs are the only or preferred route to certification.