How to Prepare for the RAC Exam

The RAC examinations are challenging, so it is important to develop a study plan to prepare for the examination. Your plan should be based on your knowledge, experience and preferred approach to learning. You do not need to be registered for the RAC exam in order to start preparing.

Here are some things to consider:

Review the examination content outlines. Each examination content outline contains the content domains, competency statements and number of questions in each domain. Exam questions are based on guidelines and regulations effective 31 December of the prior year.

Assess the scope and depth of your knowledge and experience. Use the content outline as a checklist and evaluate your areas of strength and weakness. This will help focus your study on the areas you need most.

Build and implement your plan. Allow sufficient time to build your knowledge base in areas where you have limited experience and to expand your knowledge in areas more familiar to you. Use reference materials to supplement your knowledge.  

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Important note: RAPS does not state or imply that RAC preparation materials provided by RAPS are the best or only means of preparing adequately for the RAC examination. The purchase of preparation materials is optional, and no advantage is given to candidates who participate in preparation materials provided by RAPS over other materials or methods. Neither RAPS nor the RAC program states or implies that these education or training programs are the only or preferred route to certification.