Nearly one in five regulatory professionals changed jobs in 2021, new report shows

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Pay raises, job changes, and new work environments are among the top findings from the RAPS 2022 Global Compensation and Scope of Practice Report for the Regulatory Profession, the largest and most comprehensive research initiative on the global regulatory profession.

The report gives regulatory professionals and their employers a one-of-a-kind look at the profession with data on compensation, job responsibilities, career experience, education and more. The report reflects data and responses from more than 1,800 regulatory professionals around the world for the largest, most comprehensive study on these professionals.

The report provides everyone from individual regulatory professionals to employers, recruiters and other stakeholders with insight into the market value of regulatory work and expertise. It compares compensation by job title, years of experience, company size, sector and more. The findings related to the work of regulatory professionals — the scope of practice — continue to help RAPS, regulatory professionals and the world at large to better understand the profession. 

RAPS members can download the full report here. Not a RAPS member? You can still download the executive summary here. 

The 2022 Global Compensation & Scope of Practice Report for the Regulatory Profession provides average total compensation for regulatory professionals and how variables such as job level, experience, education and certification affect pay. 

This report shows compensation information for respondents based in the US, Canada and Europe. The average total compensation for US-based regulatory professionals in 2022 ranged from $355,575 for vice presidents to $101,294 for associates. Respondents reported a 6.7% increase in base salary from 2020 to 2021. The report also tracks which professionals received the biggest raises in 2021, with those who accepted a job at a new company in 2021 reporting the largest increase at 19.2%. 

The report includes all the data regulatory professionals need to stay informed about their profession. 

The 2022 Compensation & Scope of Practice Report is full of findings beyond compensation.  

The 2022 Global Compensation & Scope of Practice Report for the Regulatory Profession also has data explaining what regulatory professionals do and how job responsibilities vary by position. And beyond just the duties regulatory professionals perform on the job, the report allows regulatory professionals to see how their peers feel their work is valued and recognized by senior management. 

Other findings in the report include the products respondents are most involved with, the most common educational backgrounds and degrees for regulatory professionals and respondents' job and career motivations. 

And it highlights additions to keep up with trends that extend far beyond regulatory affairs. 

The 2022 Scope of Practice Report includes data on the ways regulatory professionals and the companies they work for are navigating the complex issues facing employees and employers today. In the age of the “Great Resignation,” this report gives employees and employers data on the career motivations of regulatory professionals and the attitudes they have toward their companies. The report shows the ways regulatory professionals are returning to the office, with only one in seven respondents describing their work situation as “in-person.” 

RAPS has researched the work and compensation of regulatory professionals in the healthcare product sector for nearly 30 years. The results and findings of this comprehensive study are not available anywhere else.

RAPS members can download the full 2022 Global Compensation & Scope of Practice Report for the Regulatory Profession here. Nonmembers can access the executive summary here. 


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