Perspective: If It’s Tuesday (Or Any Other Day, For That Matter), It Must Be Belgium

Posted 01 February 2008 | By

In December 2005, my colleague on the Regulatory Affairs Focus Board of Editors, Katrin Rupalla, wrote of her experiences as a European expatriate living and working in the US. I have been fortunate to experience the converse situation as an American expatriate living and working in Europe. Since July 2006, I have been working at my company's office in Braine l'Alleud, Belgium, where its European Regulatory Sciences group is located. Braine l'Alleud is just south of Brussels and is actually the town in which the Battle of Waterloo was fought in 1815 (the reason it is called the Battle of Waterloo is that the victorious British commander, the Duke of Wellington, had his headquarters in Waterloo, the next town to the north).


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