Regulatory Manager: Navigating Uncertainty: Principles for Selecting Regulatory Candidates in a Start-up Environments (Part 2)

| 01 October 2010

Generating a pipeline of strong, highly qualified candidates for an open regulatory position is incredibly challenging, especially in a start-up environment. Top-caliber candidates are most likely unaware that the start-up company even exists, let alone that there is a suitable position open. Further, the simple truth is that there are more companies with open positions seeking experienced regulatory professionals than candidates who meet those requirements. Compounding the problem, prior to the "genomics bubble" in the early 2000s, both industry and higher education institutions were particularly slow to foresee the training and formal education programs needed to address this shortfall. However, the past several years have seen significant increases in both the number and quality of degree programs available to provide regulatory training, and we hope to see a more expansive talent pool in the near future.


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