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The All-Digital Regulatory Focus

Posted 01 December 2011 | By Larry Frum, Jr

You spoke and we listened. Starting in 2012, you will be getting more from Regulatory Focus.

Our new all-digital publication ( will be unveiled on 3 January 2012, offering more content, more access and more interactivity from the articles you have come to enjoy. Plus, we will be adding additional news and links to information you need on a daily basis.

The change in Regulatory Focus reflects both a shift in how regulatory professionals are doing their jobs and changing preferences for how people consume and interact with media in general. A recent membership survey showed that regulatory professionals want and need day-to-day information as well as in-depth analysis on the topics and trends that are important to their field. The new Regulatory Focus will be able to offer all that as well as connections to RAPS' programs and resources.

The full Regulatory Focus articles with which you are familiar will continue in the digital publication, but will also offer interconnectivity to additional resources, other topic-related articles and the opportunity to discuss issues with colleagues. Our great authors will have their work showcased as never before to a global audience, expanding their recognition and prestige.

The new Regulatory Focus will have frequently updated news headlines from many different sources that will change as more information becomes available. They will target the hot daily topics that regulatory professionals want to know as they go about their days. Regulatory Focus will become the "go-to" place for regulatory information.

Making information available from a wide range of sources will make Regulatory Focus a conduit for important and relevant items regulatory professionals are seeking. By keeping our finger on the pulse of the regulatory profession, Regulatory Focus will continue to scan the news for relevant topics.

Regulatory Focus will also have an improved search feature so you can find articles from the past few years as well as related topics and programs. This means no more running to the shelf to try and remember where you saw an article containing information you need.

In addition, we are making it easier to get to all that great content. New delivery methods allow personalized access to our news and articles.

A new daily "RF Today" e-newsletter will be available for those who want to have the information delivered to their inboxes daily. Our current "RAPS Weekly

Update" e-newsletter will be revised to reflect the new drive and mission of Regulatory Focus.

Mobile apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices will follow shortly so information from Regulatory Focus will be at your fingertips no matter where you are. The pages will also have a "mobile friendly" component to allow increased readability when viewed with a mobile browser. Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds will be available for content categories for users who want headlines delivered to them via RSS Reader.

While the paper version of our magazine is going away after this issue, the new all-digital version represents a beneficial step forward for our readers in providing more information and articles, better accessibility to Regulatory Focus and greater depth and breadth of regulatory programs connected with the topics you want.

Is it a big step? You bet. But it is one that increases the resources regulatory professionals have told us they need and want every day. The latest day-to-day news and information combined with great, in-depth feature articles all in one easy-to-access location.

Want to know more? Visit now to see a video showcasing all the new features as well as some possible sneak peeks at our new look.

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