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PCORI's Anne Beal: Innovate CER to Include Patient Perspective

Posted 10 January 2012 | By

Regulatory Focus recently reported on the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) and how it is looking to operate in the coming year. Kaiser Health Newsrecently sat down with PCORI Chief Operating Officer Anne Beal to further explore some of what PCORI hopes to accomplish.

"Health equity is going to be one of the priority areas within [PCORI's] research agenda," said Beal. The agency-and its funding-will "help people decide what's best for them in getting their desired health outcome," which will further this agenda, according to Beal.

While PCORI's grants will start off small-just $26 million going to 40 grants over a two-year period-the projects are expected to have an energizing effect on both PCORI and the comparative effectiveness research (CER) field.

Beal notes that the institute plans to ask questions that veer away from traditional CER studies. Some patients will be interested in which procedures offer the best benefit relative to the amount of pain that procedure is likely to subject them to, noted Beal. Others may be interested in the recovery time of a procedure. Outcomes, then, will be put in the context of a variety of factors that patients may find more relevant than simple outcomes research.

Beal said that she hopes PCORI can become the, "go-to place for patients and, frankly, even for their providers" over the next decade. 

"Obviously, doing our work and publishing it in the New England Journal of Medicine is not the way to get to patients, so we are going to have to think very creatively about how [to] make [our] work relevant for patients" she concluded.

PCORI is funded through 2019.

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