China's Communist Party Calls for Reforms to Drug Regulatory System

| 19 November 2012 |  By 

China's Communist party has called for the comprehensive reform of its food and drug regulatory system in order to respond to the concerns of its people, part of a group of reforms called for at a 16 November 2012 meeting of the Communist Party of China's National People's Congress.

The focus of the called-for reforms is on improving food and drug safety and the institutional regulatory mechanisms that are tasked with that mandate, explained China's State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA), which was a part of the meeting by way of a study group. 

Yin Li, the Commissioner of the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA), noted at the meeting that the SFDA must fully grasp the Party's major new requirements for drug supervision work.

Moreover, Yin Li said SFDA's drug supervision work should focus on accelerating the supervision of a new mechanism adapted to establish and improve economic and social development and address people's health needs. Finally, there is the need to ensure honest government and to do the regulatory work in a realistic and pragmatic manner, he said.

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