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Europe-wide HTA Database Opened for HTA Agencies

Posted 09 November 2012

A new first-of-its-kind database, the European Evidence Database on New Technologies (EVIDENT), is now accessible for all government-appointed Health Technology Assessment (HTA) agencies in Europe, related regional agencies and not-for-profit organizations.

The database permits HTA agencies to register Additional Data Collection (ADC) studies they have undertaken to fill gaps in HTA-related information as well as search for studies being registered by other HTA agencies. During the production of their reports almost all HTA agencies identify important gaps in evidence that one of the major obstacles to ensuring timely access to new health technologies.

Several countries have therefore developed policy frameworks and mechanisms, called 'access with evidence generation mechanisms,' which allow temporary access to these technologies while concurrently requesting the generation of additional evidence to reduce uncertainty.  EVIDENT will also store information on the HTA assessment and national reimbursement status of new technologies throughout Europe. The ultimate goal of EVIDENT is to promote global analysis of HTA results.


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