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Massive Explosion Levels Canadian Manufacturing Facility

Posted 13 November 2012 | By

A massive explosion in Quebec has destroyed a healthcare products manufacturing facility and killed at least three, report various news sources.

The 12 November 2012 explosion also injured 17 people, including five with severe burns, reports The National Post. The facility, owned by Neptune Technologies & Bioressources, manufactured supplements such as Omega-3 krill oils and protein powders.

The explosion and subsequent fire destroyed much of the facility. Walls left standing were a charred and twisted menagerie of steel girders, and news sources quote local fire officials as saying the initial explosion was likely "very violent" to have caused so much damage.

The Ottawa Citizen said the contents of the facility, which include large storage drums containing thousands of gallons of various chemicals, are making it difficult to investigate the explosion and its cause at this particular time.

In addition to the physical cleanup, the site may eventually require an environmental assessment and cleanup to rid it of chemical contamination, explained The Post.

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