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Transparency Task Force Initiative Report Adopted by FDA, Will Explore 8 Initiatives

Posted 01 February 2012 | By Alexander Gaffney, RAC 

An October 2011 report issued by the US Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) Transparency Task Force is being adopted by FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg, according to an advance Federal Register notice to be published on 1 February.

The Transparency Task Force, part of FDA's Transparency Initiative to increase its accessibility and transparency to the public and industry, re-issued the report on 31 January. The report lists 8 initiatives that FDA can undertake to increase transparency.

  • Draft Proposal 1: Improve data quality and timely data disclosure
  • Draft Proposal 2: Facilitate easier reporting and compliance tools
  • Draft Proposal 3: Presentation of data in better graphical formats
  • Draft Proposal 4: Better consolidation and presentation of compliance and enforcement data
  • Draft Proposal 5: More sophisticated and user friendly search tools
  • Draft Proposal 6: Post additional data compilations or analysis to better inform compliance efforts
  • Draft Proposal 7: Better utilization of social media and outreach tools to better inform industry and the public of compliance and enforcement efforts
  • Draft Proposal 8: Provide more context for compliance and enforcement data to make sure data is not misinterpreted

"Based on a review of the recommendations of the Transparency Task Force, the Commissioner is adopting all eight of the draft proposals published in October 2011 as initiatives the Agency will explore, thereby committing the Agency to investigating numerous avenues for increasing the transparency and public accessibility of its compliance and enforcement data," said FDA in the pre-publication FederalRegister notice.

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