30 Tons of Unused Drugs Left At Sites

| 02 March 2012

Alameda County, CA, is ready to pass a law requiring pharmaceutical companies pay for disposal of unused drugs.

More than 30 tons of unused pharmaceuticals were found at sites in the San Francisco Bay area, and the county is concerned about those drugs getting into the wrong hands or ending up in the water supply, according to a report by Fierce Pharma Manufacturing. The new law would make companies financially responsible for a disposal program run by the county's environmental health department.

Canada, France, Spain, Portugal and other countries require companies to get rid of their leftover products. Mandating such a practice at the national or state level has so far failed in the US, the San Jose Mercury News points out.

The new law does not allow manufacturers to pass on any costs of disposal to consumers. Those who do not comply could be fined $1,000 a day and face charges.

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