AHWP Looking to Expand Administrative Staff

| 12 March 2012 |  By 

The Asian Harmonization Working Party (AHWP) is looking to expand their staff, according to minutes from the regulatory forum's 4 March Board of Directors meeting held in Hong Kong.

AHWP is a medical device-focused regulatory forum that aims to promote greater regulatory harmonization in Asia, including China, India, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, South Africa and Korea.

The group's actions are carried out by a legal entity known as the AHWP Administrative Services Limited (ASL), which also handles all financial works.

"In order to enlarge the size of members in ASL, it was confirmed that AHWP secretariat would send an official email to all AHWP members to invite their joining to AHWP ASL as members," said the group in the 4 March minutes.

Members may join the ASL under one of three categories: regulator, industry or associate member.

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Minutes of AHWP Administration Services Limited - Board of Directors (AHWP ASL BOD) Meeting, 4 Mar 2012, Hong Kong


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