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New Initiative Aims to Bridge Drug Development's 'Valley of Death'

Posted 01 March 2012 | By

What can be done to help companies get through the so-called 'valley of death' in drug development? University Hospitals, a Cleveland-area health system, wants to find out, and $250 million fund with the aim of fostering candidates through to late-stage clinical testing.

The valley of death refers to the period between when non-clinical testing ends and late-stage clinical testing begins. Many drug candidates wash out of the process at this stage, either due to lack of funding, unfavorable results or both.

The University Hospital method aims to bridge this valley by providing funding and support to drug developers otherwise spurned by the private market, and by launching a for-profit entity that aims to commercialize neglected drug products.

"We'll fund virtually anything that we think can impact in an important way the drug development process and lead to new cures," said Dr. Jonathan Stamler, director of the initiative.

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