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FDA, ISMP Announce New Initiative to Reduce Medication Errors

Posted 02 April 2012 | By Alexander Gaffney, RAC 

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced Monday (2 April) it has formalized an existing relationship with the Institute for Safe Medication Practice (ISMP) to help protect consumers from medication errors.

ISMP, a Pennsylvania-based non-profit, is focused on ways to prevent medication errors through making changes to labeling, packaging, prescribing, dispensing and other communications in the dispensing process.

ISMP already operates a national Medication Errors Reporting Program for medical professionals and a consumer-focused medication reporting program, both of which are shared with FDA's adverse event reporting system MedWatch.

"As a part of its ongoing effort to fight these and other risks, [FDA] has entered into an agreement with ISMP to develop collaborative efforts to reduce preventable harm from medicines, and to more effectively reach consumers with information on how to use medicines safely," FDA wrote in a statement.

Added FDA: "The collaboration is also designed to provide more informational and educational materials for both consumers and health care professionals. And the relationship will broaden FDA's ability to reach out to these groups when there are issues with product safety and effectiveness."

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