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First Targeted Nanomedicine to Enter Clinical Trials

Posted 10 April 2012 | By

A diverse team of scientists, engineers and physicians from seven US-based institutions are preparing to study the first targeted nanomedicine in humans after the medicine was found to have "promising effects" in treating solid tumors, the group said in a press release.

The result of the team's nonclinical work was published in the journal Science Translational Medicine, which found the treatment to be highly effective against the tumors, particularly relative to existing chemotherapy treatments.

The nanomedicine "demonstrates for the first time that it is possible to generate medicines with both targeted and programmable properties that can concentrate the therapeutic effect directly at the site of disease, potentially revolutionizing how complex diseases such as cancer are treated," said Dr. Omid Farokhzad, the study's co-senior author.

"[The] drug is the first of its kind to reach clinical evaluation and demonstrates a differentially high drug concentration in tumors by targeting drug encapsulated nanoparticles directly to the site of tumors," the study's authors said in a statement.

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