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Joint FDA, Chinese Training Helping to Boost Product Safety

Posted 05 April 2012 | By Alexander Gaffney, RAC 

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced it has trained more than 1,600 regulatory professionals in China on US safety standards, which It says is helping to develop an "infrastructure that better ensures product safety."

In its 5 April website posting, FDA's China Offices Focus on Product Safety, FDA notes their 13-person staff in China "represents a new era in cooperation between the United States and China on the safety of food and medical products."

"What I realize is we are all trying to ensure quality products are on the market-regardless of where they are sold," said former FDA Deputy Director Michael Kravchuk. "They want to learn how we approach product safety and use as many of our techniques as possible."

Workshops led by FDA officials reportedly include step-by-step, hands-on instructions on how to inspect facilities and products. Further instruction is provided on basic FDA regulations covering labeling requirements and container specifications, said FDA.

"By helping other nations develop stronger regulatory systems and helping industry to understand our expectations and realize they will benefit from them, we're also helping ourselves and keeping U.S. consumers safe," said FDA Senior Advisor Murray Lumpkin.

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