Brazil: Anivsa Sets Confidentiality Criteria

| 21 May 2012 |  By 

A notice (Ordinance No. 748-B/2012) published by Anvisa on 18 May sets forth the criteria the agency will use for classifying materials as confidential and thus ineligible for release under the Access to Information Act, which recently went into effect. 

Examples of what would be classified as non-releasable is information relating to: scientific studies and research projects in progress, intelligence activities, ongoing monitoring, and information treated as confidential in connection with other international bodies.

The agency also established a Permanent Committee for the Evaluation of secret documents (748-A/2012 Ordinance) that will, among other things, advise Anvisa on the classification of sensitive information and prepare an annual list of classified and declassified documents, which will be available on the Internet.

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