Brazil: South American Countries Driving Regulatory Harmonization

| 14 May 2012 |  By 

Brazil and Argentina are drivers of regulatory harmonization regionally in South America, said Anvisa Chief Executive Dirceu Barbano, noting the countries' efforts in the region.

Both Brazil's and Argentina's respective regulatory agencies are working with Mercosur, a multilateral organization whose mission is to create a common regional market, to harmonize regulations, said Barbano.

Barbano's comments were in response to questions posed by Brazilian legislators at a 9 May meeting of the Brazilian Congress. Questions from legislators highlighted their concern about the smuggling of goods, certificates of export and quality control of raw materials in the pharmaceutical industry. 

Barbano conceded, "there is a mismatch between the laws of Brazil and the other bloc countries in important areas such as medicines. These differences impede progress towards the free movement of goods."

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