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NICE Clears New Colposcopy Device for NHS Use

Posted 02 August 2012 | By Louise Zornoza

DySIS Medical's colposcopy device for uterine examination has been cleared for use by the National Health Service in final guidance issued today by the the National Institute for Health and Clinical Effectiveness (NICE), the UK's health technology assessment body.

The guidance is part of NICE's diagnostics assessment program, and it notes that a competing product, Imalux Corporation's Niris Imaging System, is not a "cost-effective option for the same indication."

DySIS and Niris use different mechanisms that aim to improve the diagnostic accuracy of patient selection for biopsy or treatment, aid in the selection of biopsy sites, and reduce the subjectivity of conventional colposcopy. The improved accuracy aims to enable more women to be appropriately treated for precancerous conditions and reduce the incidence of invasive cervical cancer.

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NICE - Adjunctive colposcopytechnologies for examinationof the uterine cervix - DySISand the Niris Imaging System

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