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France Releases Knee Joint Implant Reimbursement Recommendations

Posted 02 January 2013 | By Louise Zornoza

France's National Commission for the Evaluation of Medical Devices and Technology Health (CNEDiMTS) has just released its opinion on the reimbursement status for the entire class of knee joint implants on the national list of reimbursable products and services (PBDA). 

CNEDiMTS has retained most of the proposals of the Working Group on Classification concerning approved indications, prescribing methods and use, and technical specifications for each type of knee joint implant. Within each major type of implant (sliding and hinged), tibial and femoral, one femoral implant can, if necessary, be substituted for another. Further clarification has also been provided on the definition of operator skill for unicompartmental patello-femoral and femorotibial implants.

The recommendation has also been made that zirconia implants be retained under the brand name section. CNEDiMTS, did not, however, take a position on antibiotic impregnated cement, holding that the data in the literature requires the opinion of a working group on infectious disease.

The new nomenclature resulting from the assessment of the knee joint implant class of products is given in the Annex of the Report.

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