With Shutdown Over, FDA Posts Torrent of Updates to Federal Register

Posted 22 October 2013 | By Alexander Gaffney, RAC 

It's been a slow month for regulatory policy-making in the US, with the 16-day government shutdown all but stifling the development and publication of any regulation, guidance document, or meeting request. Close watchers of Focus' Federal Register Tracking Tool will have noticed that FDA last posted an update to the Federal Register on 2 October 2013, and then nothing in the subsequent 20 days.

But now with the government shutdown over and regulators back at their posts, the flow of documents to the Federal Register is resuming, and fast.

The 22 October 2013 posting of the Federal Register shows a whopping 15 documents set for publication, constituting the highest single-day amount of the 2013 Calendar year.

Among the postings are several guidance documents FDA has already published on its website:

In addition, FDA's Federal Register postings also include four new or rescheduled advisory committee meetings:

Further, four products were taken off the market by FDA:

All of FDA's updates may be found on its Federal Register page.

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