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A Million Reasons for Focus to be Thankful

Posted 26 November 2013

With Thanksgiving upon us here in the US, the editors of Regulatory Focus wanted to extend our thanks to you, our readers, for being such an integral part of our continuing success. We have, in fact, one million reasons to be thankful-literally.

As of today, we have received our millionth page view for 2013, a milestone we scarcely thought possible when we launched the Focus website in January 2012 and made the former print magazine all-digital.

Since our launch, we've seen our ups-our traffic numbers, especially this year-and downs-usually due to technical difficulties. But through it all, we've been amazed at the resilience of our readers and the selfless input they've been willing to give us to help us improve our content and services.

Thanks to you, Focus has grown in readership, technical expertise and scope. We already have some significant new offerings in the works for next year, ones we can't wait to share with you in a few months' time.

But for now we just wanted to say "thanks"-thanks for reading, sharing, subscribing and continuing to make Focus such a great publication to work for.


Janet Aker, Managing Editor, Regulatory Focus

Alexander Gaffney, News Editor, Regulatory Focus

Zac Brousseau, Senior Manager, Communications


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