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Regulatory Reconnaissance (19 February 2013)

Posted 19 February 2013 | By Alexander Gaffney, RAC

Good morning and welcome to an expanded President's Day weekend edition of Regulatory Reconnaissance, our daily intelligence briefing for the international regulatory affairs space. There's a lot to catch up on from this weekend, including: A new push for a multi-billion dollar study of the human brain, device companies claiming US FDA hurts their ability to innovate, legislators telling US FDA to reclassify painkillers, looming budget sequestration, a landmark biologics case in Australia, new nanotechnology guidance out of the OECD, and reports that EU legislators and the device industry remain at odds with one another over reform proposals. 


  • Obama Seeking to Boost Study of Human Brain (NY Times) (UPI) (Med Page Today)
  • Small med-tech firms say FDA delays hurt innovation (Med City News)
  • FDA Cracks Down on Flu Product Scammers (FDA) (Regulatory Focus)
  • Sandy's Impact on Clinical Trials Still Being Felt (Medpage Today)
  • Congress Tells FDA To Reclassify Painkillers Now (Pharmalot) (The Hill)
  • CMS Proposes 2014 Payment and Policy Updates for Medicare Health and Drug Plans (CMS)
  • Bennet, Burr: IOM Report Shows Need for Continued Push for Track & Trace (Bennet)
  • As sequester looms, House, Senate vote to recess for the week (The Hill)
  • AbbVie Suspends Five Clinical Trials of Leukemia Therapy (Bloomberg)
  • CTTI forms Patient Leadership Council to help drive improvements in clinical trials (CTTI)
  • Analysis: The Hip Replacement Case Shows Why Doctors Often Remain Silent (NYTimes)
  • W.Va. senators, representative introduce prescription drug abuse bill (Drug Store News)
  • FDA lambasts Jamaican manufacturer over sterility, quality (Fierce Pharma Manufacturing)
  • GSK wins priority status for new HIV drug in US (Reuters)
  • Sanofi says Gaucher pill studies meet goals (Reuters)
  • Gilead Recalls One Lot of Vistide Due to Presence of Particulate Matter (FDA)
  • Class I Recall: DePuy Therapeutics' LPS Diaphyseal Sleeves (FDA)
  • Healthcare rule caps prescription drug profit (The Hill)
  • ePedigree & Serialization: What You Need to Know NOW for the California 2015 Deadline (Pharma Manufacturing)
  • USP Labs Slapped With Warning Letter Over Drug Claims, GMP Failures (Nutra Ingredients USA)
  • Democratic Lawmakers Seek To Prevent Pharmacists From Refusing To Fill Birth Control Prescriptions (Think Progress)
  • Is GAIN Good Enough? Infectious Disease Society and Start-Up Companies Push for More Anti-Infective Incentives (RPM Report) ($)
  • Meetings: Neonatal Subcommittee of the Pediatric Advisory Committee (FDA)
  • Workshop: Innovations in Breast Cancer Drug Development - Neoadjuvant Breast Cancer Workshop (FDA)
  • Meeting: Considerations Regarding Food and Drug Administration Review and Regulation of Drugs for the Treatment of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (FDA)
  • Upcoming Brookings Roundtable on Active Medical Product Surveillance (FDA/Brookings Institute)
  • Congressional Hearing on FDA's Response to Flu Epidemic (FDA Testimony) (Hearing Notice) (Relevant GAO Report)
  • Democratic Lawmakers Seek To Prevent Pharmacists From Refusing To Fill Birth Control Prescriptions (Think Progress)
  • Washington Legal Foundation: Don't Allow Approval of Biosimilars That Use Pre-PPACA Trade Secrets to Support Approval (WLF)
  • Boxer, Coburn Introduce Bill to End Ban on Research into Organ Donations Between HIV-Positive Patients (Boxer)
  • The shifting pharmaceutical industry landscape: Accounting and regulatory trends affecting reporting for   2012 and planning for 2013 (Ernst & Young)
  • FDA starts review of Sanofi's lixisenatide (Pharma Times)
  • Well-Intended Report Calls For Global Track & Trace Of Pharmaceuticals (RxTrace)
  • First Fruits of FDASIA's New Device Reclassification Procedure (FDA Law Blog)
  • DoJ Official: Free Speech Won't Protect Off-Label Promotion (Eye for Pharma)


  • Myriad Genetics Wins Australia Bid to Patent Human Genes (Bloomberg) (BioCentury)
  • CDSCO introduces pre-screening of SAEs to streamline submission of reports (PharmaBiz)
  • Meeting: European Medicines Agency excellence in pharmacovigilance: Clinical trials and post-marketing training course (EMA)
  • Consultation - Invitation to Participate in the Survey for ICH Q7 Constituencies: Input for Development of a Question and Answer Document (Health Canada)
  • Current Developments in Delegations on the Safety of Manufactured Nanomaterials (OECD)
  • Guidance on sample preparation and dosimetry for the safety testing of manufactured nanomaterials (OECD)
  • UK drug access woes "due to US-dominated global pricing, not NICE" (Pharma Times)
  • EU and medical devices industry at odds over regulation (EurActiv)


  • Families Push for New Ways to Research Rare Diseases (WSJ)
  • Pharma gift bans for budding doctors have long-term impact (AMA)
  • What risks do docs who prescribe devices like AliveCor take on? (Mobi Health News)
  • Drug Makers, in Shift, Join Fight Against Doping (NY Times)
  • Is George W. Bush the 'Greatest Humanitarian' President Ever? Thanks to PEPFAR, he Might Be (Foreign Policy) (IOM Report Comes out on 20th)
  • Kidney Damage Is Latest Health Risk Linked With Synthetic Marijuana (JAMA)
  • The High Cost of Health Care: Why Some Pay $240 for a $9 Bottle of Pills (Harvard Bill of Health)
  • Drugmakers weigh carve-outs as Abbott, Pfizer set pace (Reuters)
  • How to make meth, by the U.S. government. Sorta. (Yahoo)
  • Medicine for the Rich Is About to Get Cheap Enough for Regular People (Wired)
  • Bionic Eyes and "Health Care Costs" (Slate)
  • A New Vaccine For Drinking Could Keep Alcoholics Sober (Fast Coexist)
  • Personal QR codes could help first responders get vital patient information (Med City News)

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