EU Health Cost Containment Panel Members Nominated

| 23 May 2013 |  By 

The European Commission has released the names of the first members to sit on the panel of experts it established in 2012 to provide advice to Member States on ways to contain healthcare costs.

Europe's Expert Panel on Effective Ways of Investing in Health will provide non-binding advice to Member States on a broad range of issues, such as health planning, budget prioritization, health services research, hospital and healthcare management, healthcare provision and health education and promotion.  The panel will consist of a maximum of 12 members chosen for a term of three years.

According to the Director General of the Commission's Directorate for Health and Consumers, Paola Testori Coggi, "In today's economic climate when some national governments feel forced to cut their health budgets, we must come up with common solutions for improving the cost-effectiveness and sustainability of health systems." 


EC Notice on the Expert Panel

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