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Regulatory Reconnaissance (6 May 2013)

Posted 06 May 2013 | By Alexander Gaffney, RAC

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In Focus: US

In Focus: International

  • EU May Implement Device Regulations Sooner Than Planned, Industry Warned (FDA News) ($)
  • Janssen faces suspension in S Korea, recalls drug (BioSpectrum) (Pharmalot) (WSJ) (Fierce Pharma) (Bloomberg)
  • China FDA Reorganizes, Appoints Deputy Commissioners (PharmAsia News) ($)
  • Oxford Works With Drugmakers to Reverse 90% Trial Failure Rate (Bloomberg)
  • Recall of one batch of Panacea vaccine triggers debate on integrity of regulatory officials (PharmaBiz)

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  • Viagra Online: Pfizer To Sell Popular Erectile Dysfunction Pill Directly To Patients On Its Website (AP)
  • FDA Approves Merck's LIPTRUZET (ezetimibe and atorvastatin), a New Product That Can Help Powerfully Lower LDL Cholesterol (Merck) (Forbes) (Forbes) (SCRIP Intelligence) (Reuters) (NYTimes) (Med Page Today) (Cardiovascular Business) (BioCentury) (MNT) (Bloomberg)
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb Receives US FDA sNDA Approval for Use of SUSTIVA (efavirenz) in HIV-1 Infected Pediatric Patients (BMS) (SCRIP Intelligence)
  • Tivozanib Survival Data Go Wrong Way With One-Way Crossover Design (The Pink Sheet) ($)
  • FDA Committee Turns Down AVEO Oncology/Astellas Pharma Inc's Cancer Drug (BioSpace)
  • Aveo's Tivozanib Troubles Reflect Perils Of Ex-U.S. Studies (The Pink Sheet) ($)
  • Lessons For Drug Development From The Aveo Buzzsaw (Xconomy)
  • Melblez ODAC Review May Test The Outer Limits Of Toxicity (The Pink Sheet) ($)
  • First-Cycle Approval Rate Already High; Can PDUFA V Actually Boost It? (The Pink Sheet) ($)
  • FDA panel backs filgrastim as nuke attack countermeasure (SCRIP Intelligence) ($)
  • The Plan B Absurdity: Emergency Contraception Is Treated Like A Drug That Could Be Abused (Forbes)
  • Pay to Prescribe? Two Dozen Doctors Named in Novartis Kickback Case (ProPublica)
  • AMA: Drug company gift reports need physician comments (AMA)
  • Gilead Working 24/7 To Fix Manufacturing Problems In HIV "Complete Response" Letters (The Pink Sheet) ($)
  • Novartis Boost Seen in Fast Approvals as Protection Ends (Bloomberg)
  • Unethical advertising at launch of antidepressants (EurekAlert) (MedIndia)
  • Unmeltable, Uncrushable: The Holy Grail in Painkillers (WSJ)
  • FDA warning against high dose antidepressant prescription may be unwarranted, study finds (EurekAlert) (RTT)
  • California Introduces Biosimilars Bill (Scout)
  • FDA Appeals PLAN B Ruling to the Second Circuit; Exclusivity Decision On One-Step Supplement Could Reignite Simultaneous Rx-OTC Marketing Debate (FDA Law Blog)
  • Merck, Kentucky To Discuss Global Resolution Of Vioxx Consumer Lawsuit (LexisNexis)
  • PhRMA's John Castellani Responds to NYTimes Op-Ed on High Cost of Cancer Medications (NYTimes)
  • PhRMA Wants Medication Adherence Coalition To Address Communication Restrictions (The Pink Sheet) ($)
Medical Devices
  • Dispute Over Who's to Blame for 510(k) Problems Impeding Reform Efforts (FDA News) ($)
  • CDRH Official: Compliance Approach May Need Tweaks, More Flexibility (FDA News) ($)
  • FDA Grants Premarket Approval (PMA) For The SEDASYS® System For Healthy Patients Undergoing Sedation During Routine Colonoscopy And EGD Procedures (J&J) (WSJ) (Reuters)
  • FDA Outlines Next Steps For Online Repository And Standard Elements For Device Labeling (The Gray Sheet) ($)
  • InterValve gets 510(k) clearance for catheter (Cardiovascular Business)
  • FDA intends to award sole source contracts to State Agencies for the inspection of medical devices (FedBizOpps)
  • Medtronic warns, issues recall on wire damage risk with deep-brain stimulation implants (Mass Device) (FDA)
  • FDA Off-Label Citations Disappear In Post-Caronia Enforcement Letters (The Pink Sheet) ($)
  • FDA Risk Communication Panel Critiques MedWatch, And MedWatcher App (The Gray Sheet) ($)
  • NIMH Will Not Use DSM-5 (NIMH) (Scientific American) (MIT Tech Review) (Med City News) (Pharmalot)
  • FDA's Collaboration with Chinese Partners Gets Stronger Each Year (FDA)
  • Chronic Fatigue Meeting Shows Benefits, Hurdles To Patient-Focused Drug Development (The Pink Sheet) ($)
  • How the CIA's Fake Vaccination Campaign Endangers Us All (Scientific American)
  • Op-Ed: To Fight Pandemics, Reward Research (NYTimes)
  • Workers' Exposure Levels To Nanomaterials Recommended, US (MNT)
  • Caffeine-Laced Foods Spur F.D.A. Investigation (FDA)
  • How Can Industry Best Communicate Evidence? (BioCenturyTV)
Conference: FDA in the 21st Century
  • FDA conference at Harvard Law (The Incidental Economist)
  • Keynote: Deborah Autor (Harvard)
  • Peter Barton Hutt's Plenary (Harvard)
  • Plenary 2: Alta Charo on Integrating Speed and Safety (Harvard)
  • Plenary 3: Susan Winckler, President and CEO of FDLI (Harvard)
  • Panel 1: FDA in a Changing World (Harvard)
  • Panel 2: Preserving Public Trust and Demanding Accountability (Harvard)
  • Panel 3: Protecting the Public within Constitutional Limits (Harvard)
  • Panel 4: Timing Is Everything (Harvard)
  • Panel 5: Major Issues in Drug Regulation (Harvard)
  • Panel 6: Regulatory Exclusivities and the Regulation of Generic Drugs and Biosimilars (Harvard)
  • Panel 7: Major Issues in Device Regulation (Harvard)
  • Panel 8: Food, Supplement, and Tobacco Regulation (Harvard)
  • Panel 9: Addressing the Challenges of and Harnessing New Technologies (Harvard)
Government and Budget
  • Commissioner Hamburg as Congressional Witness: Mixed Success With GOP Thus Far (RPM Report) ($)
  • Presentation on FDA's Buget by its COO and CFO (FDA)
  • The Implications of the Budget Control Act on FDA Funding (Alliance for a Stronger FDA)
  • Zients steps down as OMB deputy director (Federal Times)
  • Vacancies, furloughs piling up at OMB (The Hill)
  • Reps. Upton, Coburn Urge Hamburg to Require Other Painkillers to be Abuse-Resistant as Well (E&C)
  •  Biopharma among targets for trade secret theft, USTR says (SCRIP Intelligence)
Upcoming Meetings and Events
  • 8-9 May 213: Summit on Color in Medical Imaging (FDA)
  • 8 May 2013: Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (FDA)
  • 8 May 2013: Intelligence Squared Debate: Is FDA's Caution Harzardous to our Health? (IQ2)
  • 9 May 2013: Senate HELP Committee Hearing on Pharmaceutical Compounding and its Proposed Legislative Solution (Senate)
  • 9 May 2013: FDA Listening Tour on Antibiotic Resistance (FDA)
  • 16 May 2013: OPDP Enfocement Actions Webinar (FDA)
  • 17 May 2013: NCATS Meeting (NCATS)
  • Other Upcoming FDA Advisory Committee Meetings and Topics (FDA)


  • EU May Implement Device Regulations Sooner Than Planned, Industry Warned (FDA News) ($)
  • China FDA Reorganizes, Appoints Deputy Commissioners (PharmAsia News) ($)
  • Oxford Works With Drugmakers to Reverse 90% Trial Failure Rate (Bloomberg)
  • Recall of one batch of Panacea vaccine triggers debate on integrity of regulatory officials (PharmaBiz)
  • India regulators pull J&J plant license on baby powder concerns (Reuters)
  • India's U.S. Drug Rulings Earn Trade Blacklist Spot From Obama Administration (Huffington Post)
  • Janssen faces suspension in S Korea, recalls drug (BioSpectrum) (Pharmalot) (WSJ) (Fierce Pharma) (Bloomberg)
  • Indian panel wants Health Ministry to decide banning Analgin in a month (PharmaBiz)
  • India's govt says nine cases of irregularities in clinical trials during the last three years (PharmaBiz)
  • India's Clinical trials industry witnessing downtrend in India: Dr C Raghu (PharmaBiz)
  • Undermining the regulation of stem cell therapies in Italy: A warning for the future? (Science-Based Medicine)

General Regulatory and Interesting Articles

  • It's smaller than a fingernail, but this needle- free Nanopatch could be the future of vaccines (Med City News)
  • Implantable blood-test-on-a-chip sends continuous readings to a cellphone (Med City news)
  • Drug Assay Numbers, All Over the Place (In The Pipeline)

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