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Manual of Brazilian Nonproprietary Names Launched

Posted 26 June 2013 | By Ansis Helmanis

Brazil's National Agency for Sanitary Surveillance (Anvisa) has launched the country's first Manual of Brazilian Nonproprietary Names (MDCB), drawing on legislation related to the Brazilian Common Denomination (DCB) system and its supplemental tables.

The Manual, which launched on 26 June 2013, contains over 11,000 designated names and permits the standardization of names for the identification of generic drugs and for drug procurement.

The launch is part of the II International Seminar on New Frontiers in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Technology, Regulatory and Quality System held during the week of 24 June. According to the president of the Association of Pharmaceutical Industry in the State of São Paulo (Sindusfarma), Nelson Mussolini, the standardization of national rules has allowed "a leap" in the quality of the domestic industry over the past 10 years.

ANVISA: Manual of Nonproprietary Names

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