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Regulatory Reconnaissance (25 June 2013)

Posted 25 June 2013 | By Alexander Gaffney, RAC

Welcome to Regulatory Reconnaissance, your daily regulatory news and intelligence briefing.

In Focus: US

  • FDA Regulatory Change Could Create Opening in Generic Liability Shield (Pink Sheet) (Law 360) (Biocentury)
  • High Court Vacates 2 Pay-for-Delay Rulings Post-Actavis (Law 360)
  • Woodcock Sees Acceleration of FDA Breakthrough Approvals, Especially in Cancer (Biocentury)
  • Roche Recalls Diagnostic Test on Account of Potential for Error Message (FDA) (FDA) (FDA)
  • Senate Panel Confirms Regulatory Czar (the Hill)
  • FDA Field office so Dysfunctional it Needs to Hire Outside Training to Conduct Team-Building Exercises (FedBizOpps)
  • Depuy Orthopaedics Wins FDA Approval for Customized Knee Implant System (Mass Device)

In Focus: International

  • Sanofi Chief Threatens R&D Cutbacks Unless Ema Retreats on Open Data Plan (Fierce) (Reuters)
  • Guidance on Submission of Single Assessment PSURS Published (EMA)
  • India Upholds Cancellation of Johnson & Johnson Plant License (Pharmalot)
  • Ranbaxy, Another Bad FDA Report & the Missing Generic Diovan (Pharmalot) (Fierce) (Business Standard)
  • Medtech Applauds US/EUTrade Negotiations (Medical Design)
  • Canada Launches official Consultation Documents for Plain Labeling Initiative (Hc) (Hc) (Hc) (Hc)

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  • FDA Reg Change Could Create Opening In Generic Liability Shield (Pink Sheet) (Law 360) (Biocentury)
  • High Court Vacates 2 Pay-For-Delay Rulings Post-Actavis (Law 360)
  • Woodcock Sees Acceleration Of FDA Breakthrough Approvals, Especially In Cancer (Biocentury)
  • FDA Approves Pediatric Indication For Astellas' Mycamine(Micafungin Sodium) For Injection (Astellas)
  • FDA's Guidance To Generic Rivals For Eye Drug Sends Allergan Reeling (Market Watch) (Reuters)
  • Draft Guidance On Asenapine Maleate (FDA)
  • Sandoz Outpaces The Rest Of The Industry With Seven Clinical Trials In The Works (Reuters) (Fierce)
  • Sanofi Plans Late-Stage Diabetes Combo Drug Tests In 2014 (Reuters)
  • FDA-Drug Developer Conundrum: HIV Patients Reluctant To Join Cure Trials (Biocentury)
  • New Entry In The Quest For A Perfect Sleep Drug (Wsj)
  • FDA Approves Pediatric Indication For Astellas' Mycamine (Micafungin Sodium) For Injection (Astellas)
  • FDA Approves ANDA For Taro's Carbamazepine (#201106), Amneal Pharms' Metaxalone (#203399) (FDA)
  • FDA Approves Theravance's NDA For Telavancin (#022407), Supplement For Telavancin Hcl (#022110) (FDA)
  • Sun, Glenmark Nervous System Drug Gets FDA Nod  (Biospectrum)
  • Opinion: FDA Padzur Is Not The Problem, The Randomized Trial Is (Drug Wonks)
  • GSK Reports Remaining Harmony Data For Albiglutide (Biocentury)
  • Who Were The Winners At This Year's Diabetes Meeting? (Fierce)
Pharmaceuticals: General
  • Top Medicare Prescribers Rake In Speaking Fees From Drugmakers (NPR)
  • Not Authorized To Prescribe Drugs? Medicare Pays Anyway (Propublica) (Scrip)
  • Offsetting Effects Of Prescription Drug Use On Medicare's Spending For Medical Services (Cbo)
  • Costs Under Medicare's Prescription Drug Benefit And A Comparison With The Cost Of Drugs Under Medicaid Fee-For-Service (Cbo)
  • Competition And Bids In Medicare's Prescription Drug Program (Cbo)
  • HHS OIG Reports Small Percentage Of Prescribers May Be Over Utilizing Part D Drugs (Policy And Medicine)
Medical Devices
  • Depuy Orthopaedics Wins FDA Approval For Customized Knee Implant System (Mass Device)
  • Infuse Open-Access Project A Model For The Future? Medtronic Thinks So (Pink Sheet)
  • Judge Crushes Medtronic Bone Mill Antitrust Case (Law 360)
  • Medtronic Recalls Intrathecal Catheter Due To Potential For Misalignment And Occlusion (FDA) (FDA) (FDA)  (FDA)
  • Authorizations Of Emergency Use: In Vitro Diagnostic For Detection Of The Novel Avian Influenza A(H7N9) Virus (FDA)
  • Roche Recalls Diagnostic Test On Account Of Potential For Error Message (FDA) (FDA) (FDA)
  • Transcript Of 22 May 2013 Orthopaedic And Rehabilitation Devices Panel (FDA)
Assorted And Government
  • Senate Panel Confirms Regulatory Czar (The Hill)
  • FDA Field Office So Dysfunctional It Needs To Hire Outside Training To Conduct Team-Building Exercises (Fedbizopps)
  • Oxyphen, Phentalene, Phen Fx, And Red Vipers By Beta Labs, Ltd: Recall - Contains DMAA (FDA)
  • More DMAA Products Come Off Market (Ni-Usa)
  • Joint Statement From CBP And Ice In Support Of The Second Joint Strategic Plan For Intellectual Property Enforcement (Customs)
  • KKR To Buy Clinical Trials Firm Pra International (Reuters)
  • H.R.2433 -- Stem Cell Research Advancement Act Of 2013 (Congress)
Upcoming Meetings And Events
  • 24 June 2013: Science Board Meeting (FDA)
  • 25 June 2013: Meeting Of The National Biodefense Science Board (Dhhs)
  • 25-26 June 2013: StANDArdizing And Evaluating Risk Evaluation And Mitigation Strategies (FDA)
  • 26 June 2013: General And Plastic Surgery Devices Panel Of The Medical Devices Meeting (FDA)
  • 27 July 2013: Gastroenterology And Urology Devices Panel Of The Medical Devices Advisory Committee Meeting (FDA)
  • 27 June 2013: Mobile Medical App Entrepreneurs: Changing The Face Of Health Care (House)
  • 27 June 2013: A Tangle Of Trade Barriers: How India's Industrial Policy Is Hurting U.S. Companies (House)
  • 29 June 2013: Clinical Development Programs For Opioid Conversion (FDA)
  • Other Upcoming FDA Advisory Committee Meetings And Topics (FDA)


  • Sanofi Chief Threatens R&D Cutbacks Unless Ema Retreats On Open Data Plan (Fierce) (Reuters)
  • Guidance On Submission Of Single Assessment PSURS Published (EMA)
  • Early 2014 Hope For EMA Public Hearings (Scrip)
  • St. Jude Lands E.U. Win For Next-Gen Multi-Point Defibrillator (Mass Device) (Mddi) (Medgadget) (St. Jude)
  • Medtech Applauds US/EUTrade Negotiations (Medical Design)
  • Boehringer Follows Bayer, Asks EU Regulator To Approve Wider Use Of Anti-Clotting Drug Pradaxa (Reuters) (Pmlive) (Pharma Letter)
  • Eisai To Suspend Temporarily Commercial Distribution Of Antiepileptic Drug Fycompa In Germany (Eisai) (Pharma Times)
  • NICE: Tamoxifen And Raloxifine Should Be Used On A Preventative Basis By Women Aged 35 And Older With History Of Familial Breast Cancer (Financial Times)
  • New Efpia Chief Viehbacher Calls For Collaboration (Pharma Times)
  • Spain To Guarantee Drug Payments In Centralized Purchases (Bloomberg)


  • India Upholds Cancellation Of Johnson & Johnson Plant License (Pharmalot)
  • Ranbaxy, Another Bad FDA Report & The Missing Generic Diovan (Pharmalot) (Fierce) (Business StANDArd)
  • Edwards Wins Japanese Nod For Next-Gen Sapien Valve (Fierce) (Mass Device)
  • Merck & Co Wins Injunction Against Indian Firm Over Diabetes Drugs (Reuters)
  • MHLW Approves Pfizer's Pneumococcal Vaccine, New H5N1 Influenza Vaccine In Japan (Pharmasia)
  • Indian Experts See Need For HPV Vaccines Amid Screening Constraints (Scrip)

Other International

  • Canada Launches Official Consultation Documents For Plain Labeling Initiative (Hc) (Hc) (Hc) (Hc)

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