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NICE Gives Thumbs up to Thrombogenics’ Jetrea Eye Condition Treatment

Posted 30 August 2013 | By Louise Zornoza

In a final appraisal determination issued on 30 August, the UK's National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) has recommended ocriplasmin (Jetrea, ThromboGenics) as an option for treating some adults with the rare eye condition, vitreomacular traction.

Vitreomacular traction occurs when the vitreous-the gel-like substance in the eye-pulls abnormally on the retina, causing swelling and distorted vision, and possibly also a hole in the macular area. It can occur as a result of ageing.

NICE has recommended ocriplasmin as an option for treating vitreomacular traction in adults only if an epiretinal membrane is not present and the patient has a stage II macular hole (full thickness with a diameter of 400 micrometers or less) and/or severe symptoms.

NICE Health Technology Evaluation Centre Director Prof. Carole Longson commented: "Vitreomacular traction can cause significant sight problems and even loss of vision in the long run. Ocriplasmin injection represents an innovation in treating patients with vitreomacular traction and, as it provides an alternative to 'watch and wait' and/or surgery, would be welcomed by clinicians and patients. NICE is, therefore, pleased to recommend ocriplasmin for this condition in final draft guidance."

Final guidance is expected to be published in October 2013.


NICE: Vitreomacular traction - ocriplasmin: final appraisal determination

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