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Anvisa Demonstrates New Drug Tracking Platform

Posted 09 October 2014 | By Louise Zornoza

Anvisa Demonstrates New Drug Tracking Platform

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Anvisa has unveiled Brazil's first drug tracking platform - a step in the implementation of the National Drug Control System (SNCM) - providing an interface between the agency and the holders of drug registrations.

The system was demonstrated on 8 October 2014 on the premises of Libbs Pharmaceutical in São Paulo. The tracking system, which must be adopted by all drug manufacturers by December 2016, will permit Anvisa to monitor all drug-related events thanks to a two-dimensional barcode on the product packaging.  The code will store information such as batch, expiration date, serial number and Anvisa registration number.

Traceability will also benefit industry by avoiding mistakes, losses and theft: in 2013, 1,964 loads of medications were lost or stolen, and as of September 30, Anvisa has been notified of more than 1,200 loads of stolen or lost medications in 2014.


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