Public View of FDA Continues to Improve in New Poll

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More than half of the US public believes that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is doing a good or excellent job, according to a recent survey sponsored by the pro-regulation group Coalition for Sensible Safeguards.

The survey, based on a nationwide survey in July 2014 of 700 likely voters from around the country, quizzed respondents on their views of the US government and its many regulatory agencies.

Respondents were relatively split on their view of the federal government as a whole, with 61% saying they held either a "somewhat unfavorable" (28%) or "very unfavorable" (33%) opinion about it. In contrast, 8% said they had a "very favorable" opinion of the federal government, and 24% said they had a "somewhat favorable" opinion.

Good News for FDA

But relative to the entire US government, the public has a favorable view of both FDA and its mission to protect consumers. Fifty-eight percent of consumers had either a favorable or somewhat favorable view of FDA in the poll—far better than the 32% favorability rating of the federal government.

What is Your Opinion of the FDA?
Very favorable19%
Somewhat favorable39%
Somewhat unfavorable16%
Very unfavorable15%
No opinion11%

And key parts of FDA's mission seem to have broad support as well. Nearly half of poll respondents—46%--said enforcement of laws and regulations on food and drugs produced in the US was "extremely important," while another 35% expressed a positive sentiment toward the question. Just 4% of respondents said it wasn't important.

How Important is it to Enforce Laws and Regulations on Food and Drugs Produced in the US?
10 – Extremely important46%
5 – Neutral10%

And when it comes to FDA's mission to protect consumers from products produced outside the US, FDA received even more support. More than half—56%--of respondents said the enforcement of laws and regulations in this area was "Extremely important," with another 25% expressing positive sentiment toward the question. Just 6% of respondents felt it was not especially important.

How Important is it to Enforce Laws and Regulations on Food and Drugs Imported from Other Countries?
10 – Extremely important56%
5 – Neutral10%

Similar Polls

The poll mirrors one conducted in 2013 by the polling company Gallup, which showed 45% of respondents thought FDA was going an "excellent" or "good" job. Thirty-two percent of respondents thought FDA was doing just a "fair" job. Other polls, such as one conducted in March 2012 by the Pew Research Group, have also indicated broad support for the regulation of pharmaceutical products.

The poll also indicates that FDA has continued to improve its standing among the public. A 2009 poll, also by Gallup, found FDA had just a 38% excellent/good rating among the public. Based on the new data, FDA appears to have improved its standing dramatically in just five years (38% to 56% favorability rating).

Sensible Safeguards Survey


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