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Mobile-Friendly Upgrades Coming to Regulatory Focus

Posted 29 April 2014 | By

RAPS' developers have been hard at work to create a new website, complete with a brand new look and many back- and front-end improvements.

As part of the update, Regulatory Focus will adopt responsive design, which will make content easy to read and navigate on any device you have-be it a smartphone, mini-tablet, full-size tablet or desktop computer, and without regard to what kind of operating system (e.g., Apple or Android).

With this new design, we will no longer support the existing Focus app for iPhone and iPad. It simply won't be necessary, and the new website will be easier to use.

We hope you continue to enjoy Focus and look forward to sharing our new website with all of you when it launches in May.

Kind regards,

Janet Aker
Managing Editor, Regulatory Focus

Alexander Gaffney, RAC
Manager, Regulatory Intelligence


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