Regulatory Reconnaissance: GSK’s Regulatory Troubles and a Sex Tape (30 June 2014)

Posted 30 June 2014 | By Alexander Gaffney, RAC 

Regulatory Reconnaissance: GSK’s Regulatory Troubles and a Sex Tape (30 June 2014)

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In Focus: US

In Focus: International

  • Report: Sex Tape Led to GSK Pharma Fraud Investigation in China ( Pharma Times) ( FT-$) ( Guardian) ( Pharmafile) ( Bloomberg)
  • European Medicines Agency releases revised guidance on advanced-therapy classification for public consultation ( EMA) ( Guidance)
  • Novartis pulls EMA application for expanded Tasigna use ( PMLive) ( SCRIP-$)
  • India Considers Different Regulation Policies For APIs, Other drugs ( PharmAsia-$)
  • Indian Parliament to Consider New Biologics Regulator ( PharmaBiz)

US: Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

  • Third time lucky as MannKind's inhaled insulin is approved ( PMLIve) ( Fierce) ( BioWorld) ( Pharmalot) ( Pink Sheet-$) ( NYT) ( Pharma Times) ( BioCentury) ( SCRIP-$) ( Burrill Report) ( FDA) ( Pharmafile)
  • FDA’s New Interpretation of GDUFA: It Depends Upon What the Meaning of the Word “New” Is ( FDA Law Blog)
  • A Review of FDA Warning Letters and Notices of Violation Issued for Patient-Reported Outcomes Promotional Claims between 2006 and 2012 ( PubMed)
  • Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) in Oncology from 2008 to Date ( Reuters)
  • TEAs Fail To Sweeten OTC Monograph Process, Brew Trouble For New Ingredients ( Tan Sheet-$)
  • Did FDA Make the Wrong Call on Ranbaxy and Generic Diovan? ( Pharmalot)
  • Allergan says U.S. FDA sent 2nd letter on acute migraine treatment ( Reuters)
  • “Right to Try” Bill Introduced in New Jersey ( Scout)
  • Ranbaxy To Launch Valsartan Week Of July 7, The Wait Is For Nexium And Valcyte ( PharmAsia-$)
  • ANDA Avalanche: How Will FDA Deal With The 600 Received This Month? ( Pink Sheet-$)
  • Risk-Based Quality Assessment Growing Among ANDA Chemistry Reviews ( Pink Sheet-$)
  • AstraZeneca Takes “Anti-Avastin” Pledge On Accelerated Approval Withdrawal ( Pink Sheet-$)
  • A Shift In Thinking: FDA Moves Toward Easier Neurofibromatosis Endpoints ( Pink Sheet-$)
  • Throckmorton on the Regulation of Opioids ( DrugWonks)
  • U.S. appeals court blocks lawsuits over Darvon, Darvocet painkillers ( Reuters) ( Scout)
  • MA Lawmakers unveil compounding pharmacy bill ( AP)
  • Flamel Technologies Announces FDA Approval of VAZCULEP ( Press)
  • FDA Approves Updated Labeling for Gattex® for Injection to Include Long-Term Data ( PharmPro) ( Press)

US: Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology: Clinical Study Results, Filings and Designations

  • Lundbeck's desmoteplase flunks phase III stroke trial ( PMLive) ( BioCentury) ( SCRIP-$) ( Pharma Times)
  • Arzerra misses in Phase III bulky fludarabine-refractory CLL ( BioCentury)
  • GSK and Genmab’s ofatumumab disappoints in Ph III CLL study ( Pharma Letter-$) ( Press) ( SCRIP-$)
  • Merck nausea drug works in children in late-stage trial ( Reuters) ( Press)
  • Retrophin slips on liver woes in rare disease drug's first trial ( Fierce)
  • InDex's Kappaproct misses primary endpoint in UC trial ( BioCentury)

US: Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology: General

  • DSCSA: Congress Should Have Mandated Randomization ( RxTrace)
  • Pfizer and J&J Give Each Other Headaches Over an Advil Ad ( Pharmalot)
  • SCRIP US Capitol Capsule ( SCRIP-$)

US: Medical Devices

  • FDA guidance on MDDS raises concerns ( mHealth News)
  • FDA: We like innovation. Just don't mess it up ( Modern Healthcare)
  • 23andMe and FDA find a way to work together in shifting political atmosphere ( MedCity News)
  • 23andMe Customers Ordered To Arbitrate False Ad Claims ( Law 360-$)
  • Siemens seeks FDA approval for next-gen mammograms with tomosynthesis ( Mass Device) ( Press)
  • Class 1 Recall for Medtronic’s Duet External Drainage and Monitoring System ( FDA)
  • Tracking a Medical Device Recall Is No Easy Feat ( Medical Design)
  • WLF: Obama Sides with Plaintiffs’ Bar on Medical Device Preemption ( MDDI)
  • NIH keeps Corgenix Ebola Dx project running with new funding ( Fierce)
  • Encision gets caught in surgical mesh crossfire ( Mass Device)
  • FDA clears Encision’s burn protection system for minimally invasive surgeries ( MedCity News) ( Mass Device)
  • Thermedx Receives FDA 510(k) for Arthroscopy and Hysteroscopy Fluid Warming ( Press)
  • Thoratec launches HeartMate III trial ( Mass Device)

US: Dietary Supplements

  • Pay Now For Better Supplement Industry Enforcement, Or Foot Higher Bill Later ( Tan Sheet-$)
  • Artful Approach Improves NDI Notifications’ Chances At FDA ( Tan Sheet-$)
  • Legally Marketing Researched Supplements ( NPI)

US: Assorted And Government

  • CBO Scores DEA Regulation Bill ( CBO)
  • Prospect For FDA Funding Hike Dims As Appropriations Process Breaks Down, Advocates Say ( IHP-$)
  • Very Real Differences in Proposals for FDA’s FY 15 Budget ( Strengthen FDA)
  • FDA’s FY 16 Budget Already on the Table ( Strengthen FDA)
  • Supreme Court poised to rule on O-Care’s ‘birth control mandate’ ( The Hill)


  • European Medicines Agency releases revised guidance on advanced-therapy classification for public consultation ( EMA) ( Guidance)
  • Novartis pulls EMA application for expanded Tasigna use ( PMLive) ( SCRIP-$)
  • Concept paper on qualification and reporting of physiologically based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) modelling and analyses ( EMA)
  • Questions and answers on benzalkonium chloride in the context of the revision of the guideline on excipients in the label and package leaflet of medicinal products for human use ( EMA)
  • 149th Session of the European Pharmacopoeia Commission ( EDQM)
  • MSD’s Investigational Anti-PD-1 Antibody, Pembrolizumab, Under Regulatory Review in Europe for the Treatment of Advanced Melanoma ( Press)
  • pSivida Corp. Reports Positive Regulatory Outcome for ILUVIEN; Moves to National Phase for Marketing Authorizations in 10 More EU Countries ( Press)


  • India Considers Different Regulation Policies For APIs, Other drugs ( PharmAsia-$)
  • Tit For Tat: A Match For PhRMA Takes Shape To Bat For Indian Generics In U.S. ( PharmAsia-$)
  • US pharma companies want dialogue with India on intellectual property rights ( India Times)
  • As Parliament begins on July 7, several Bills on health & pharma waiting for nod ( PharmaBiz)

Japan & China

Other International

  • Nigeria extends deadline for implementation of National Drug Distribution Guidelines ( PharmAfrica)
  • Australia: Summary of fees and charges at 1 July 2014 ( TGA)

Clinical Trials

  • BioCentury TV Explores Ways to Make Clinical Trials Smarter ( BCTV)
  • Teens miss out on clinical trials due to age limits ( OnMedica)

General Regulatory And Interesting Articles

  • Psychotropic Drugs Affect Men and Women Differently ( SciAm)

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