Using Twitter as a Regulatory Intelligence Tool: 460 Accounts Worth Following

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Finding information about the latest regulatory news can be profoundly difficult. Even with thousands of websites, hundreds of newsletters and dozens of subscription services, information that could affect you and your company can still slip through the cracks.

Luckily, there's help, and lots of it—but only if you know where to look.

Regulatory Intelligence on … Twitter?

One of the most under-utilized sources of regulatory information is Twitter, a social media platform that is based on "tweets"—also known as micro blogs—consisting of postings of 140 characters or fewer.

The platform is heavily utilized by journalists, analysts and life science professionals who use Twitter to connect with colleagues and, more importantly, find an audience for their work.

While the 140-character postings are brief, this can be advantageous for regulatory professionals seeking out information. Since the posts are so short, each author is incentivized to be concise and precise in their respective postings, making it easy to skim a large quantity of information in a relatively short amount of time.

Other Benefits

Twitter's other obvious benefit lies in how it allows its users to engage in an expansive dialogue with other users. Unlike Facebook, which requires a user to be another user's "Friend" before messaging them, Twitter generally allows all users to message one another (though you can restrict this). The benefit to this default setting is that users can easily ask one another questions—an obvious benefit for regulatory intelligence professionals seeking additional information.

For example, if a journalist posts an insight piece on a recent regulatory trend, I could either seek out other opinions from my Twitter network or I could also pose questions directly to the author. These types of interactions are common on Twitter.

The platform also has an easy-to-use system built on what are known as "hashtags," (noted by the '#' symbol) which make it easy to follow topics. For example, if you wanted to follow all Twitter postings on pharmaceuticals, you might search for the hashtag "#pharma," which would bring up all posts tagged with that hashtag. Users can also search by regular search terms, such as "pharmaceutical."

As with many social media platforms, there are tools available for so-called "power users" of Twitter. One of the most popular available is HootSuite, which allows users to save their most popular searches. Other similar tools include TweetDeck, MetroTwit and SproutSocial.

Using Twitter: The Case for Regulatory

So of what use is Twitter to regulatory professionals?

Perhaps the most popular use is to keep up with important news. Twitter is one of the most popular tools used by journalists and reporters, including nearly all involved in the life sciences sector. By finding and following these users, you can be among the first to be made aware of breaking or important news. In addition, the platform presents a good way to ask questions about a particular article. Many journalists are happy to provide clarification or additional details.

Twitter is also a hub of opinion and competitive intelligence, and many experts use it to trade opinions about the approval prospects of various products, general regulatory trends and updates on important committee hearings. Twitter is often one of the best ways to keep track of the major goings-on of industry conferences as well, allowing users to follow up with conference attendees if they missed something they feel is important.

The platform also allows users to keep close track of many government agencies. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) maintains many accounts on Twitter, which it uses to disseminate information. Due to the large number of communication channels used by FDA, Twitter can often be one of the simplest to keep track of as FDA funnels its various communications into a single stream, keeping your email inbox less full. And many other agencies and organizations, such as PhRMA, the International Conference on Harmonization (ICH), and the European Medicines Agency (EMA), maintain a robust presence on the platform as well.

It is, in short, a platform many regulatory professionals—and in particular those involved in regulatory intelligence and news analysis functions—could benefit greatly from.

The Accounts to Follow

But that leaves just one more question: Who should regulatory professionals follow on Twitter? Regulatory Focus has put together an extensive list of 460 accounts -- people, associations, agencies and experts -- we think are worth following. These are accounts that generate original content and insight, allowing you to cut out most of the clutter and focus on what matters most.

While the list is by no means comprehensive, it should serve as a good starting point for anyone new to Twitter, or just looking to find a few new sources to follow if they already do.

Included in our list is the name of the account, a link to the account, a description of the account (as written by the account holder), and a basic analysis of the account type or journalistic affiliation. Enjoy!

NameTwitter URLAffiliationDescription
RAPS Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society (RAPS) is an international membership organization of regulatory professionals in the healthcare products sector.
Alexander Gaffney NewsNews guy for @RAPSorg's Regulatory Focus. Tweets about regulation of#Pharma, #MedicalDevice, #Biotech,#FDA & #Health. Views are mine. My only account.
U.S. FDA you'll find the latest US Food and Drug Administration news and information.
U.S. FDA notified about the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's recalls.
FDA/CDRH Industry info for Medical Devices & Radiation-emitting Products industry. Privacy policy Contact us or 800-638-2041
FDAWomen's health information from FDA.
US FDA MedWatch important safety information on human medical products from FDA.
FDA CVM from FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine.
FDA Medical Devices FDA - device recalls, safety, approvals, radiation-emitting products
NIH Discovery Into Health.
HHS.gov and info from U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services
CDC's official Twitter source for daily credible health & safety updates f/ Centers for Disease Control & Prevention.
European Commission Commission's job is to represent and uphold the interests of the European Union as a whole. It is headed by 28 Commissioners, 1 per member state.
FDA Drug Information the latest drug information from the US FDA.
Health Canada Canada (Government of Canada): Providing current, trusted and accurate information.
CMSGov Twitter account for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).
AHRQ Department of Health and Human Services
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
InstituteofMedicine Institute of Medicine serves as adviser to the nation to improve health
Francis S. Collins S. Collins, M.D., Ph.D., NIH Director. NIH…Turning Discovery Into Health
EP PressService Press Service of the European Parliament
U.S. Drug Policy balance to U.S. drug policy through a public health & safety approach.
OMBPress is the official account of the communications office of the WH Office of Management and Budget.
Anvisa oficial da Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária (Anvisa).
Energy and Commerce Energy & Commerce: #Health #Oversight #Investigations #Energy #Power #Communications #Technology #Environment #Economy #Commerce #Manufacturing #Trade
EU Medicines Agency news from the European Medicines Agency, the European Union agency responsible for the evaluation and supervision of medicines. RTs ≠ endorsement.
Federal Register inform citizens of their rights and obligations, document the actions of Federal agencies, and provide a forum for participation in the democratic process.
OIG at HHS of Inspector General, HHS. Tweets on health care fraud, waste, abuse; enforcement; compliance tips & more.
MHRA Press Office releases and statements from the MHRA.
PCORI independent organization created to help people make better informed health & healthcare decisions. Links, RTs, favorite ≠ endorsements/advice.
ENVI Committee Press Parliament Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety. Managed by Baptiste Chatain. RTs ≠ endorsement.
FDA CBER information from the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research.
U.S. Pharmacopeia mission is to improve global health through public standards and related programs that help ensure the quality, safety and benefit of medicines and foods
NCATS Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS), part of the National Institutes of Health, HHS.
FDA FOOD the latest info on FSMA, food, nutrition, food additives, and dietary supplements from the US FDA.
MHRA Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency’s official Twitter feed, listing latest information and updates.
CDISC, platform-independent data standards that enable information system interoperability to improve medical research and related areas of healthcare
IMI Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) is a public-private partnership aiming to speed up the development of better and safer medicines for patients.
openFDA research project to provide open APIs, data downloads, and a developer community for high-value public datasets.
MHRA Devices Safety safety updates from the MHRA, listing devices information and safety alerts.
ANSM’#Agence nationale de #sécurité du #médicament et des #produits de santé
agit au nom de l’Etat pour des produits de santé sûrs, efficaces et innovants
Grzegorz Cessak of the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products | Member of Management Board in European Medicines Agency
Taha Kass-Hout’s first Chief Health Informatics Officer (CHIO). Protecting and promoting your health through innovation in informatics, Big Data, and information sharing.
ICH Conference on Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Registration of Pharmaceuticals for Human Use
FDA MCMi's Medical Countermeasures Initiative (MCMi) - protecting national health and security.
EnergyCommerceCures path to 21st century cures. Contact us: #Path2Cures
Martin Harvey of Communication at European Medicines Agency @EMA_News. Tweets reflect my interests and what catches my eye, not the official views of the Agency. MCIPR.
Bakul Patel policy advisor @ FDA Center 4 Devices, Passionate about technology helping health care leapfrog with safe innovation & SMART policies (tweets r my own)
MedDRA MSSO Medical Dictionary on Regulatory Affairs
EDQM updated with the latest news from the European Pharmacopoeia, certification of suitability, OMCL network and all EDQM activities.
Andrew G account of professional scientific skeptic and biotech enthusiast. Founder of BiotechDueDiligence.
Mark Schoenebaum analyst since 2000
Kip Piper, Medicaid, health reform expert. Advise health plans, providers, pharma, medtech, states. Former OMB, CMS, state official.
Eric Topol, geneticist, digital medicine aficionado, Editor-in-Chief, Medscape, author of The Creative Destruction of Medicine
Scott Gottlieb, MD, Author, American Enterprise Institute Fellow, former FDA Deputy Commissioner and CMS official. Forbes Blog
Pharma Guy Marketing Pundit & Constructive Critic, Speaker, Blogger & Chief Pharma Guy at
Cass Sunstein of Law, interested in behavioral economics.
pharmagossip Big Pharma Insider. Any post may be a joke! Email: jackfriday2011(at)
eyeonfda of the blog Eye on FDA -
David A. Kessler MD, father, grandfather, husband. Former FDA Commissioner. Author of The End of Overeating. Former dean of medical schools at Yale, U. of CA, SF
Andy Biotech Investor | Recovering Scientist | #RareDiseases Advocate | May have positions in mentioned names | Opinions are strictly my own
Scott Gavura for science-based healthcare; pseudoscience critic; blogger at Science-Based Medicine, runner. Tweet in personal capacity. RT's are not...etc.
John LaMattina John LaMattina, senior partner PureTech Ventures, author & former president of Pfizer Global R&D, managed over 13,000 scientists & professionals worldwide.
Michael Gilman, entrepreneur, recovering biopharm exec, former FM radio jock, lifelong hockey fan. Venture Partner at @atlasventure, CEO at @PadlockTx and @RazeTx.
Harlan Krumholz cardiologist, researcher, educator, medical editor, dad, husband
Laura Strong a private, clinical stage biotech company focused on developing innovative cancer drugs based on RNases. Tweets are my own #biotech #pharma
Arthur Caplan, NYU Langone Medical Ctr
Shannon Brownlee Vice President, Lown Institute, and author of Overtreated: Why Too Much Medicine is Making Us Sicker and Poorer
Dr. Tro Kalayjian| Physician | Internal Medicine | Chief Medical Analyst for Chimera Research Group | Intel/Privacy Interest | #Medicine #Pharma #Research #FDA #ClinicalTrials |
Edward J Schloss MD of Cardiac Electrophysiology, The Christ Hospital. Views are mine alone. Call me Jay. And my wife is pretty awesome.
David Sable Situations Life Sciences Fund portfolio manager, teacher, writer, and retired reproductive endocrinologist.
John Alan Tucker chemist, former analyst at Sagient Research and Zacks Small Cap Investment Research.
MedicalDevicesLegal Vollebregt, lawyer specialised in EU #medicaldevices #mHealth #eHealth #biotech legal and regulatory; partner at @axonlawyers
Katrine Bosley biotech here. I'm CEO of Editas Medicine; Chairman of Genocea, & a Board member of Galapagos, Coco Therapeutics & Scholar Rock.
Steven Posnack IT policy wonk; regulatory architect; bureaucratic ninja; ideas guy; altruist; blogger for (tweets r personal)
Margaret Anderson Executive Director, medical research and health policy wonk, OTA alum
Paul F. Bove, #Gov20, and Fed #SocMed practitioner for @US_FDA. Adjunct at American Univ. Hoya grad. Fervent music fan. Opinions = mine. I love coupons!
Michelle N. Meyer, philosophy, science. Neither a blue verified checkmark thingy nor a Wikipedia entry; somehow muddling through anyway.
John Kamp Director, Coalition for Healthcare Communication;Communication and health policy wonk, recovering journalist, lover of the Chesapeake Bay
FDA Tracker about the Food, Drug and Tobacco Administration (FDAT).
Follow the science wherever it leads and the rest will fall into place.
Joseph Ross care physician and health policy researcher at @YaleMed, @RWJFCSP_Yale faculty, healthy skeptic, @JAMAInternalMed editor, and promoter of open science.
Total BioPharma, biopharmaceutical and biotechnology specialist tips and industry updates.
Matt Lamkin Professor at the University of Tulsa College of Law. Tweeting on law, medicine, and ethics. Views are my own.
Paul Ivsin trial enrollment nerd. I'm not addicted to data -- I can quit any time I want. Opinions are probably someone's, just not my employer's.
Andrew Kolodny Medical Officer of @phoenixhouse and President/Co-Founder of Physicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing
Ian Spatz care public policy and public affairs strategy, support, and analysis to corporations, nonprofits, trade associations and the financial community
Kevin Outterson prof at BU - health law & policy, esp. Rx. Married to Marya 26 years! 4 wonderful daughters & 1 fabulous son-in-law
Kim McCleary our medical research system better & faster as Director of Strategic Initiatives for FasterCures, a center of the Milken Institute #MTAMO
Diana Caldwell regulatory and sales and marketing tips for the life science professional - clinical trials, regulatory, IRB, business development, marketing and more.
Dr. Zoidberg Oncology, Patent Agent, Biotech enthusiast, professional dilettante, fan of market inefficiencies.
Paul Howard Howard, Ph.D. is a Senior Fellow and the Director for @ManhattanInst's Center for Medical Progress.
Frank Fazio Science Compliance Lawyer, Registered Pharmacist, and avid runner. Tweets do not equal endorsements or legal advice.
Dale Cooke FDA regulations, baseball, and all things Philly
Scott Liebman Regulatory & Compliance Partner @Loeb_LoebLLP l Tweets ≠ Legal Advice
Andrew F Bourgoin Analyst with $TRI. All things #biosimilars. Also #biologics #pharma #bio #lifescience #redsox #music and #maine Any opinions expressed are my own.
Tim Felgate intelligence consultant
Dirk Rodgers A comprehensive exploration of the intersection between the pharma supply chain, track & trace technology, standards and regulatory compliance
James Valentine in health policy from Hopkins & JD from Maryland Law. Follow @fdalawblog for food and drug law updates.
Marc C. Sanchez and USDA Attorney & Regulatory Consultant; Member Food and Drug Law Institute; Adjunct Professor at NE University; blog @
Kathie Clark Clark is Director, Product Management for Wingspan. Kathie has an extensive background in document management and electronic submissions.
Erin Fox related to #drugshortages - especially solutions. I am pharmacist / Director of Drug Information at University of Utah Health Care. Tweets are my own.
Nicole Dubowitz health project manager at @Georgetown, @DCist arts & entertainment writer. I like poems, C-SPAN and dessert.
Dinesh S. Thakur in $500 million generic drug fraud settlement. Passionate about improving the safety of the global drug supply.
Alex Hall Training Solutions offers a bespoke service to the pharma industry, for Qualified Person training. All opinions are my own.
Patti Zettler at Stanford's Center for Law and the Biosciences. Former FDA Attorney. Stanford Alumna. Sports Fan. All opinions my own, RTs/MTs not endorsements.
Cinta Burgos #Quality Assurance to all aspects of #Biotech and #Medical Device development & production. Sharing information with others.
Allan Coukell the stew of health policy, drugs, devices, FDA, epidemiology, pharmacy. Also bicycles. I direct drug, device programs at Pew, but tweets are my own.
Kate Greenwood Fellow & Lecturer in Law @SetonHallLaw. Interests include maternal & child health, drug & device law, and health care reform. Also, New Jersey.
Sarah Despres policy including drugs, devices and vaccines as well as public health, health costs, quality and access. GR for Pew health. Tweets are my own.
Josh Rising policy--FDA, CMS, etc. I direct device work at the Pew Charitable Trusts; the tweets of course are mine. Tennis, ultimate frisbee, cycling. Camping.
Karen Finn writer & editor specialising in pharmaceutical & medtech regulatory, legal and policy issues, international trade and business writing.
Robert Wittenberg, Promotion and Labeling - & Social Media - in the Pharma & Device World. Policy Wonk. OPDP (formerly DDMAC), APLB, CDRH Office of Compliance
Sarah Carroll health comms. Love politics, musicals, food, making the world a better/healthier place, picnics, long runs, nuns and puppies. my words, my opinions.
Jonathan Trethowan #Regulatory Affairs Professional. Tweets about #healthcare, #regulatory, #MedicalDevice, #biotech, #business and #Cornwall.
John Driscoll Driscoll is Regulatory Affairs Consultant specializing in the FDA (OPDP) requirements for prescription drug promotion (see for more)
Dan Leonard of the National Pharmaceutical Council. Washington based health policy organization representing Americas Rx manufacturers. Married to @SusanTLeonard
Susan Laufer mind me, check out what my kids are up to: & &
Jocelyn Ulrich of Scientific & Regulatory Affairs at PhRMA with a passion for global health policy advocacy and opera.
Patti Rossman at Globiox, PDA Texas Chapter Board, Consultant in GMP, GLP, GxP, Quality Systems, Validation, Remediation, Auditing, FDA, Innovator, Agent of Change
Igor Gorlach pretty serious FDA, CMS, and healthcare lawyer at @FoleyHoag. #ACA #OrphanDrugs #340B #FDASIA #Biotech and Medicare reimbursement.
Kellie Combs @ Ropes & Gray, advising on FDA regulatory and compliance issues. Views expressed are my own, not those of R&G or our clients. RTs are not endorsements.
Gabrielle Cosel on Drug Safety at The Pew Charitable Trusts. Opponions are my own.
Morris Sherwood Device Consultant/Compliance Ninja
Pharma Reg Affairs twitter to share knowledge, experiences, news & humor about the #pharma #regulatory field #RxRegA. Add your niche: #clin #promo #cmc #US etc. RxRegA@gmail
Sharon Bishop the source for regulatory intelligence. Nirvanamom and gym fanatic.
Darshan Kulkarni, pharmacist, w futurlogy/transhumanism interests. No legal or medical. Tweets = interesting =/= agreement. Talk to me -- talk to me now!
LillyPad official Twitter feed of Eli Lilly and Company. LillyPad bloggers tweet on public policy, Life at Lilly, and corporate responsibility.
Roche Twitter handle for Roche with news & updates on doing now what patients need next.
Johnson & Johnson and information for the media from our Corporate Communication team
I Am Biotech Am Biotech is a place where biotech professionals and enthusiasts can come together and discuss the promise of biotech. #Biotech
GSK exist to improve the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better, live longer. Tweets by GSK's Global External Communications team.
Bayer HealthCare company combines the global activities of the divisions Animal Health, Bayer Pharma, Consumer Care and Medical Care.
Merck's official Twitter handle. Intended for US residents only. Tweeting about our commitment to saving & improving lives.
Boehringer Twitter channel for Boehringer Ingelheim. Tweets from Patricia Alves & Jaclyn Fonteyne. Other country accounts: @boehringerUS @boehringerUK @boehringerDE
AstraZenecaUS business for AstraZeneca. Tweets handled primarily by Michele Meixell (@michelemeixell) and Meredith Hemler (@MJHemler).
Abbott new ways to meet health needs of people around the world – and through every stage of their lives.
PhRMA represents the country’s leading biopharmaceutical researchers and biotechnology companies. Learn more at
PhRMA Press Office you for following @PhRMA and @PhRMApress. This is the official PhRMA Press Office account.
Modern Medicines champion the public policies necessary to ensure access to the safe, effective medicines of today and tomorrow. Owned by @LillyPad. Tweets by Amy O'Connor.
AdvaMed Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed) is the leading association for med tech manufacturers: legislative, regulatory, payment, news you can use
EFPIA is the voice of the research-based pharmaceutical industry in Europe #pharma #health #research #innovation
EuropaBio European Association for Bioindustries #biotech4people
MDMA Medical Device Manufacturers Association (MDMA) provides educational and advocacy assistance to innovative and entrepreneurial medical technology companies
MedTech Europe are an alliance of the European industry associations Eucomed (medical devices) and EDMA (diagnostics). Also check out @thisismedtech
Eli Lilly and Co is a global healthcare leader that unites caring with discovery to make life better for people around the world.
Hospira is the world’s leading provider of injectable drugs & infusion technologies. Follow for company news & industry insights.
GPhA Pharmaceutical Association. Improving the lives of consumers by providing timely access to affordable pharmaceuticals.
NEJM New England Journal of Medicine is the world’s leading medical journal and website.
Health_Affairs the intersection of health, health care, and policy.
The Associated Press, discussion and behind-the-scenes insight from The Associated Press.
NPR Health News coverage from the NPR Science Desk
WSJ Health News, healthcare, biotech, new drugs & medicine coverage from The Wall Street Journal.
ProPublica're a nonprofit, independent newsroom that produces investigative journalism in the public interest.
SCOTUSblog private blog about the Supreme Court of the U.S.
Reuters Health health and medical news from around the world.
Matthew Herper reporter covering science and medicine
Guardian Healthcare, analysis and insight for NHS professionals.
Adam Feuerstein Columnist at TheStreet, aka the Col. Jessep of biotech/drug stocks. Data Are. I curse. Said one analyst: The likes of Adam Feuerstein attack viciously.
FierceBiotech by the Fierce Life Sciences editorial team.
FiercePharma's 140, written by Tracy Staton. Join 90,000 pharma insiders on our free newsletter at
Reuters Legal legal news team brings you the latest legal news and analysis from around the country, including breaking stories, trial coverage and law firm news.
pharmalot latest news and views about the pharmaceutical industry, with Ed Silverman of The Wall Street Journal
Scott Hensley and editor for Shots, NPR's health blog. Ex-WSJ. My fixations manifested here. And, yes, there will be typos. (PR people, don't pitch me on Twitter.)
Ivan Oransky, global editorial director, @medpagetoday; journalism adjunct, NYU; blogger, Embargo Watch, @RetractionWatch; VP, AHCJ; ex-Reuters; Zinfandel drinker.
GEN Engineering & Biotechnology News
FirstWord Pharma latest global pharma news, insights, analysis, and views providing you with an information edge. FirstWord Pharma. Where people who know first, go first.
PharmaTimes Media Media / kickstarting healthcare conversations. Available in print, from iOS & Android.
Brian Dolan and Editor of @MobiHealthNews. #mHealth #healthapps #digitalhealth
Pharmafocus pharmaceutical, biotech & healthcare news publication for UK and Europe. Twitter account run by Brett Wells and Ben Adams.
MedCity News what's next in medical innovation no matter where it comes from: hospitals, payers, medtech, pharma, digital & beyond Tweets by @vmcombs @chrisseper
Avik Roy Opinion Editor (@ForbesOpinion). Manhattan Institute Senior Fellow. National Review contributor. Ex-Romney advisor. Author, How Medicaid Fails the Poor.
Charles Ornstein reporter at @ProPublica, past president/current board member @ahcj, hopeful Detroit Lions fan, Columbia journ prof.
John Carroll Carroll is the editor of FierceBiotech (11 years) and EIC of the life sciences group @Fierce. Online business journalism demands a new style.
The Hill Healthwatch Hill's Healthwatch Blog
BioWorld Today's top news source. Lynn Yoffee, Jennifer Boggs, Peter Winter, Anette Breindl, Mari Serebrov, Marie Powers, Randy Osborne, Michael Fitzhugh
Ben Hirschler, health and science writer at Reuters. Any opinions are mine.
Katie Hobson health and science writer. Formerly with WSJ, U.S. News & World Report.
Carla K. Johnson covering health care and medical research for The Associated Press
sarahboseley on the Guardian, writing about health, medicine and dodgy practices
Josh Berlin in how China, India, Brazil & other emerging markets impact pharma & device companies. Retweets are not endorsements.
julie rovner Correspondent Kaiser Health News/horse person/corgi owner; unapologetic Michigan/Redskins fan. Retweets not endorsements, but you knew that
Biotech Day news from reporters at the 40 American City Business Journals papers.
Bruce Japsen care reporter explaining insurance, drugs, doctors and hospitals. Author of Inside Obamacare: The Fix for America's Ailing Health Care System
Maggie Fox health writer at NBC News. Retired science and tech editor.Yes that's my foot and my coconut.
John Rennie writer/editor. SciAm, PLOS BLOGS, AccessScience & more. Host: TWC's Hacking the Planet. Faculty: NYU SHERP, Banff SciComm. Opinions are mine—at most.
Miriam E. Tucker specializing in medicine/health. Living with type 1 diabetes since 1973.
Larry Husten is a one-stop source for links to new and important information of interest to cardiologists and other cardiovascular healthcare professionals.
Dan Vorhaus and notes from the frontier of genomics, personalized medicine and the law. Views & opinions are my own and not my employer's. Tweets are not legal advice.
Mike Auerbach industry news, trends, FDA updates and manufacturing technology
Peter D. Loftus Street Journal @WSJ reporter covering pharmaceutical industry. Contact me at 215-881-7127,
Dominic Tyer and journalist specialising in pharma, biotech & healthcare. Particular focus on digital pharma. Author:
Shannon Pettypiece Health Care Reporter. Contribute to Bloomberg TV, Bloomberg Radio, Bloomberg BusinessWeek.
Ron Leuty reporter @SFBusinessTimes; always-struggling runner; storyteller; hardcore Detroit Tigers fan
415-288-4939 (desk) 415-722-2678 (cell)
Jonathan Rockoff at The Wall Street Journal covering pharma and biotech.
Email me at
Chris Morrison and editor. Formerly with IN VIVO, The Pink Sheet, START-UP. ctm212 [at] gmail
Ron Winslow writer/editor at WSJ; president, National Association of Science Writers; hiker, skier, golden owner, #redsox nation, fan of a certain writer.
Elisabeth Rosenthal, NY Times. Author/curator of Paying Till it Hurts series, on the high cost of American health care.
Trish Groves, sceptic, head of research at The BMJ, editor-in-chief BMJ Open. Tweeting as me. ORCID 0000-0001-7915-6419 #thebmj
FDAnews Pharma 
Meg Tirrell and pharma reporter for CNBC. By way of Bloomberg, Northwestern, Wellesley.
CQ HealthBeat Quarterly's CQ HealthBeat
David Sobek am a biotech writer (among other jobs), who currently contributes to and Chimera Research Group.
Andrew M. Seaman Journalist @Reuters | Tweets about science, things that might kill you, sperm, policy and media.
debkotz2 Dose health blogger, Boston Globe
MD+DI covers the medical device and diagnostic industry. Tweets by editors Jamie Hartford, Chris Wiltz, and Arundhati Parmar.
Louise Radnofsky policy reporter for the Wall Street Journal.
Lisa Jarvis & #pharma reporter for @cenmag. bit 'o #science, bit 'o business. interests: drug discovery, evolving R&D models, pharma-academe collabos, #raredisease
Kristen Hallam health editor in London. Proud @NorthwesternU alum, @AHCJ member. Email: RTs & links not endorsements; opinions are mine.
Chris Seper Media founder. Tweeting about healthcare, entrepreneurship, fatherhood & the Cleveland life (in no order). RT = Hey? Huh.
Alex Wayne write about U.S. health policy and make a mean Bloody Mary and express only my own opinions here. Got news?
Elise Viebeck writer with The Hill.
Post Health/Science, science and environment news from @WashingtonPost. Visit Curated by @brown_chart. RTs ≠ endorsement.
Andrew Jack Jack, Financial Times: Analysis deputy editor. Foreign affairs, public policy, health, Russia, France, Africa, non-profits, culture. Views my own.
Stefanie Ilgenfritz & Science bureau chief at The Wall Street Journal. University of Michigan and NYU alum. Retweets are not endorsements.
Janet Adamy Editor and Health Policy Writer, The Wall Street Journal.
Alison Young on USA TODAY's investigative team, writing about health, environment and consumer issues.
InPharmaTechnologist is a daily news service that provides news stories and data of value to decision-makers in the Pharmaceutical Technology industry.
Gideon Gil and Science editor of the Boston Globe and
The Burrill Report Burrill Report offers insight, intelligence, and analysis of the latest news and trends in the biotech and pharmaceutical sectors.
Robert Langreth and health reporter at large, Bloomberg News
Mike Ward Content Officer at Datamonitor Healthcare & Scrip Intelligence commentating on issues consequential to pharma, biotech, healthcare & medtech stakeholders
Michelle Fay Cortez science and med-tech reporter for Bloomberg News.
Katie Thomas York Times reporter covering the business of health care.
Drew Armstrong News journalist covering health & pharma, with sides of disasters, politics, bikes. Opinions are my own.
David Pittman reporter for @POLITICOpro, covering the intersection of health and technology policy. My tweets are my own and not an endorsement.
Andrew Ward correspondent for the Financial Times. Former correspondent in Stockholm, Washington, Atlanta and Seoul.
Rob Stein Stein is a correspondent/senior editor at NPR, focusing on health, medicine and biomedical research.
sharon begley correspondent at Reuters, science author (latest: The Emotional Life of Your Brain).
Nick Taylor pharmaceutical and biotech writer
Anna Edney reporter for Bloomberg News. Of course, tweets are my own, RTs are not endorsements.
JoNel Aleccia obsessed with patient safety, infectious disease and other issues that should keep us all up at night.
Matthew Perrone reporter with the Associated Press, specializing in the intersection of money, medicine and public health.
Lisa LaMotta Journalist; #Syracuse Alum; @ThePinkSheet1 Reporter; Science Nerd; #Jersey Girl; #CrossFit Obsessed; Thoughts from my own brain
Sasha Damouni journalist @BloombergNews and Bloomberg First Word. Biker and Triathlete. Check out my scoopster twin sister too. Opinions are my own
Brady Dennis for The Washington Post. Ex-Floridian. Tar Heel always.
Bill Flook reporter for Washington Business Journal
Emily Mullin editor at @FierceBiotech covering bioscience research. @JohnsHopkins science writing grad student, @ScrippsJSchool alum. All around nerd.
Kathy Grayson at @mspbjnews covering entrepreneurs, tech, finance, health care and med-device.
Jaimy Lee at Modern Healthcare, covering the healthcare supply chain and medical technology.
BioCentury leading provider of value-added information, analysis and data for biotech and pharmaceutical companies, investors, academia and government
Donna Young Editor for Scrip Intelligence
Michael McCaughan, The RPM Report
Founding Member, Prevision Policy LLC
Business Implications of FDA and CMS Policy; Policy Implications of Biopharma Business
Jeanne Whalen Street Journal, New York
Kristina Fiore Writer for @MedPageToday & First Mate of @NYMediaBoat // Tweeting on health & medicine and sailing & NY harbor
Medical Devices regulatory, reimbursement and business intelligence from the publishers of The Gray Sheet; Medtech Insight and IN VIVO.
Ramsey Baghdadi, The RPM Report, Co-Founder, Prevision Policy
Michael Fitzhugh exploring the intersections of business, healthcare, and technology. Staff writer @BioWorld. Father. Runner. Lock picking enthusiast.
Amy Dockser Marcus and science reporter for The Wall Street Journal
Natalie Morrison reporter, science scribe, and all round geek. Writer for BioPharm Insight @BioPharmInsight
Vikas Dandekar - Covering Indian Pharma Industry. Tweets may be news or quick views; retweets are not endorsements.
Brian Buntz in Chief of MPMN ( Opinions my own.
Sarah Karlin, FDA, Healthcare Reporter w/ @ThePinkSheet1. GW Alum, Inflexible Yogi, Distance Runner, Volunteer Clown w/ Large Reflex Hammer. Tweets are my own.
Tom Burton Reporter at The Wall Street Journal @wsj
covering FDA and medicine.
PharmafocusEditor of Pharmafocus
Linda A. Johnson Press business writer covering pharmaceuticals, biotech and hospitals, and gardener, world traveler, penguin lover.
Lisa Henderson for Applied Clinical Trials, covered IT, managed care, pharma in the past. Views are my own. Love my job!
Russ Britt Los Angeles Bureau Chief and chief blogger for our Health Exchange blog. Tell me what I should know.
FDAnews Devices 
Sue Sutter Editor, The Pink Sheet; tweets are my own, not Informa's.
Sherrie Conroy Editor to the medical device industry's premier publication addressing the design of medical devices.
Jacob Plieth covering biopharma – recovering equity research analyst rescued by EP Vantage. Ex-WSJ and Scrip
Sydney Lupkin News Digital Health Reporter
Damian Garde and editor for @FierceBiotech, @FierceMedDev and FierceCRO. Person from New Mexico.
Joseph Walker at WSJ covering prescription drug and med-tech industries | Send tips to
Mandy Jackson'm the West Coast Editor for Scrip Intelligence. The views expressed here are strictly my own.
Trista Morrison communications specialist. Former @BioWorld writer and PR agency hack. Tweets reflect my personal views and not those of my employer.
Mark Hollmer co-edit one publication focused on property casualty insurance news for CEOs. I edit another about diagnostics. Opinions are my own.
Michele Gershberg news editor for Reuters in the U.S. Opinions are mine.
Ben Fidler Biotechnology Editor, Xconomy.
Caroline Chen reporter at @BloombergNews, covering biotech, pharma, dwarf planets. Previously @CIROnline. Love data, dancing, tea.
Denise Peterson editor at IBI Pharma, esp. The Pink Sheet
Frederik Joelving interested in medicine, public health, pharma, social justice and more. Formerly at Reuters Health.
RA Pharma news, intelligence and analysis of global regulation of the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.
Anusha Kambhampaty tweet about biotech and things that pique my interest. @BrellaBox Co-founder.
PhillyPharma Inquirer reporter, David Sell, covering the pharmaceutical industry and other issues related to the business of health care.
InsideHealthPolicy offers inside news on federal health and safety regulation. Non subscribers:
The Pink Sheet, in-depth analysis of biopharma regulatory, legislative, legal and business developments.
Mark McCarty writer with a decade of experience in FDA device regs/enforcement, healthcare policy, oncology, reimbursement, patent law.
Katherine Eban Mag contributor, investigative reporter, author, animal lover. I tweet about nat'l security, public health, drug safety, journalism -- and pachyderms.
Daphne Allen covering pharmaceutical and medical device packaging and labeling.
Norbert Sparrow and editor who has covered Europe's medtech industry and supply chain for 18 years. Currently, Senior Editor at PlasticsToday.
LenaSun reporter for The Washington Post.
PGx Reporter premium newsletter covering pharmacogenomics, personalized medicine, and companion diagnostics, including regulatory issues, payor trends, and more.
Zach Brennan for @InPharmaTechno, @OutsourcPharma and @BioPharmaReport, covering (bio)pharma manufacturing, CROs and CMOs. Opinions expressed here may not be mine.
EP Vantage fresh view on pharma, medtech and biotech.
Eva von Schaper Journalist. Health care, science, pharma. All things transatlantic. Book lover. Chemist. Former third culture kid. @BloombergNews @columbiajourn alum.
Deborah Cohen investigations editor
Emily Ethridge for @CQRollCall. Love to talk about running, books, and almost anything related to North Carolina.
Gareth Macdonald, bon vivant and terrible French student. All views here are shot through the prism of my off-kilter microscope. Will tweet in bad Welsh on Fridays.
Eleanor Malone Editor, Scrip Intelligence, covering pharmaceutical and business news and analysis; views expressed are purely my own.
Zeba reporter covering the business of pharmaceuticals and healthcare in India. Views here are mine.
The Tan Sheet pharmaceutical and nutritional industry news from The Tan Sheet, published by Informa.
Tom Meek editor at @pmlivecom writing about pharma and healthcare.
Eric Palmer Palmer is part of the Fierce Bioscience team and primary editor of FiercePharmaManufacturing.
Biosimilarz, all comments are my own! Follow my blog at, and contact me at with comments and questions.
John Fauber reporter with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and MedPage Today. I write about conflicts of interest in medicine.
Alexandra Shimmings Intelligence's Managing Editor. Work brain interested in new drugs and pharmaceutical and biotech R&D. Tweets are my own, not Informa's
Matthew Arnold on and observer of trends in technology and healthcare, Principal Analyst at Manhattan Research
Naomi Kresge health & features reporter tweeting about pharma, Berlin and sometimes bicycles. RTs not endorsements, opinions mine.
Arundhati Parmar journalism + theater, hate hypocrisy + American football, tweeting about healthcare, medical technology, innovation and politics. Find me at UBM Canon.
Sukaina Virji Editor, Scrip Intelligence, but all views expressed are my own
Amanda Maxwell regulations expert at Clinica Medtech. Principal Consultant at Maxwell Medtech. Medical devices, IVD & drug/device combinations. Own opinions.
The Gray Sheet and market insights for the medical device and diagnostics industries
Laura Helbling at The RPM Report. Covering pharma and biotech regulation and policy: FDA, CMS, Congress, etc. etc. Opinions are mine; RTs aren't endorsements.
Tina Tan of the global medtech industry's leading publication Clinica Medtech Intelligence. The views expressed here are my own
Carly Helfand for @FiercePharma, FPMarketing & FierceVaccines; Chicago native; intent traveler; hockey fan; Irish fiddler; comma police.
Darius Tahir journalist, sources close to the situation allege.
Jon Gardner, EP Vantage. St Louis Cardinals fan. Son of 2, brother of 2, uncle of 7. Opinions are mine. RTs are not endorsements. Ceci n'est pas une pipette.
Varun Saxena device guy/news editor of @FierceMedDev. But also note that everybody says I'm random...Is it weird that you get 160 chars for bio and 140 for tweets?
Marie Powers Writer, BioWorld Today. Blog author, About Face. Commentary is my own.
Gemma Collier for Scrip Intelligence, interested in all things pharma.

(All views expressed are my own)
Brian Johnson and Publisher of @MassDevice, interviewer of CEOs, basketball enthusiast and author
Rachana D. Pradhan like to write about health care for @inhealthpolicy. DC area native, nerd, lover of farmers markets and yoga. On RTs, you know the drill.
BioCenturyTV This Week is the first biotech public affairs program to be broadcast on TV and the web.
Watch Sundays on Washington DC's W*USA9 at 8:30am.
Kat Stone at the intersection of medicine, science, biz and public policy. Published in Lancet Neurology, Annals of Neurology, others.
Simeon Bennett and science reporter for Bloomberg covering pharma, biotech & public health.
Jo Payne of Scrip 100 and Outsourcing Editor for Datamonitor Healthcare. Interested in service providers to the pharma industry. All views expressed are my own.
Lucie Ellis assistant @scripnews
Trista Kelley News equities reporter with a soft spot for everything pharma.
Katrina Megget journo, Editor @PharmaTimes, New Zealander living in London, likes ginger beer
Tracy Staton, @FiercePharma. Often caught saying, 'I read this study ...' Write fiction and non, edit everything, run with dogs, ski all winter.
John Hodgson to fix things in biotech, pharma, healthcare. Writing on data, observation and op/ed. I work for Scrip; my tweets may not.
Melanie Senior biopharma commentator (Nature, Pink Sheet, IN VIVO, etc); runner, mum & twitter schizo
Allison Connolly @BloombergNews covering pharma and med device firms in Europe. Retweets aren't endorsements.
Derrick Gingery Indiana Hoosiers fan, news junkie, health care journalist and soon a novelist. Opinions are my own.
Elyse Tanouye News Managing Editor for Health, Science and Education. Opinions are my own.
Marc Iskowitz editor, Medical Marketing & Media
Tamra Sami writer, editor, publication manager with product development, Asia and emerging markets expertise.
Joanne Fagg assistant at EP Vantage, the online news source for pharma, medtech and biotech analysis. “Editorially unafraid to call your baby ugly”
Maureen Kenny of Scrip Regulatory Affairs, leading source of worldwide pharma and medtech regulatory intelligence. All views expressed here are my own.
Mari Serebrov editor at BioWorld & author of Mama Namibia, a novel about the 1st genocide of the 20th century. Interested in biopharma & genocide.
Dan Stanton hack for @inPharmaTechno @OutsourcPharma and @biopharmaReport - Stuck in Montpellier(FR). Information is not knowledge, knowledge is not wisdom.
Amy Brown and biotech reporter, found a home at EP Vantage.
Michael Gibney Editor for Fierce Life Sciences, Writer for FierceDrugDelivery
Sten Stovall Bureau Chief, Informa Business Intelligence, writing for The Pink Sheet and sister publications.
Bridget Kuehn journalist and science writer covering medicine, basic science, and policy. My posts are my own, retweets not endorsements.
Daniel Poppy writer and editor with experience in biotech. Former assistant managing editor at PharmAsia News (Elsevier and Informa)
anju ghangurde Asia Editor, Scrip Intelligence
...but views expressed are my own
Emily Wasserman Editor for @FiercePharma, Associate Editor/Writer for @FierceMedDev, @MedillSchool graduate.
Neena Brizmohun editor of Scrip Regulatory Affairs. Interested in science, pharma and medtech. All views expressed are my own.
Francesca Bruce am senior reporter for Scrip Intelligence, all views expressed are my own.
Vibha Sharma Reporter at Scrip Regulatory Affairs. Interested in pharma and medtech. All views expressed are my own. Links/RTs are not endorsements.
JeffOverley reporter at Law360 analyzing ACA, Medicare & FDA. I actually read federal regulations and even understand them sometimes.
FDA Watch! Follow us for Food and Drug Administration (FDA) news, commentary, and timely updates from leading law firms. A @JDSupra legal feed.
alfaruque reporter at The Hill. Tweets are my own and do not reflect an endorsement.
David Filmore device, diagnostics and more. Exec editor, @graysheet, @thesilversheet. Tweets my own.
Stacy Lawrence Editor, Fierce Life Sciences
Reed Miller editor for The Gray Sheet, from Informa, providing in-depth weekly coverage of the medical device and diagnostics industries.
Camilla Andersson specializing in medical technology and healthcare. I tweet about medtech, health, emerging technologies and anything I find interesting.
Elizabeth Cairns reporter at EP Vantage
Toni Clarke am a reporter covering the FDA for Reuters in Washington D.C. Views are my own.
Jacqueline Fitton & reporter, covering pharmaceuticals and healthcare for @PrevisionPolicy and The RPM Report. Sun Devil. Californian. RT≠endorsements
Ian Schofield'm part of Informa's Scrip Intelligence group, specialising in EU regulatory affairs, but my views are my own.
Brian Rye Health-Care Analyst @BGOV. Formerly with @SunTrust, @RaymondJames & @Janney1832. Vanderbilt alum and fan of the Commodores. Tweets are my own.
Lisa Urquhart 
Emily Hayes Writer, covering drug development for The Pink Sheet. I am also a professional jazz, blues and country vocalist.
Alison Bryant and editor of FierceVaccines. Contact me at
Nathaniel Weixel reporter, @BloombergBNA. New England transplant, former Ithaca Bomber. Tweets my own, RTs are just that, not endorsements Email:
The Silver Sheet DEVICE QUALITY CONTROL: Professionals turn to The Silver Sheet for in-depth analysis of #medicaldevice quality issues, & #FDA enforcement & regulation.
RegLink News: Ansis e-Weeklies for What’s New Worldwide
in human and veterinary drugs, biologics and devices
Steve Usdin 
Jessica Cerka Insight, part of The Mergermarket Group.
Ian Haydock Asia editor for Scrip Intelligence, covering all aspects of the Asian pharma industry. Tweets and any views expressed are my own, not Informa's.
Arezu Sarvestani in Scienc-ese.
Charlotte Mackey pharma and healthcare analyst with experience spanning the NHS, business intelligence and banking. These views are my own
Bowman Cox and compliance in pharmaceutical manufacturing
Ying Huang bureau editor of @BioPharmInsight, covering forward looking intelligence on healthcare industry in China and SE Asia. an @FT company.
Kate Rawson Powell regulation/health care policy journalist, downhill skier, road cyclist, Mom to two, school choice supporter, library lover, Baltimore City believer.
brianyang, editor, Informa Business Information
Kevin McCaffrey, covering healthcare for MM&M. Views are my own.
Jeannie Baumann for @BloombergBNA's Medical Research Law & Policy Report (MRLR). Tweets are my own; Retweets are *not* endorsements.
Justin Heifetz've got a lot to talk about.
Molly Bowman Pharmaceutical Market Research @ Thomson Reuters
Chris Cain and SciBX writer, fan of bikes, hikes, all things microbial.
Kate Kuhrt Director of News and Generics Content Strategy
Faraz Kermani Editor Europe at Elsevier. I cover pharmaceutical news and specialise in European law, policy and regulation. Oh....and I cook...and play tennis...
philbytaylor hack (cough)
Nick Otto DC-based reporter covering international pharma and device regulatory news. Also likes lolcats, tumblr and cooking. Tweets are my own and not an endorsement.
Tish do drugs, supplements, cosmetics, and the occasional medical device.
Bronwyn Mixter, @BloombergBNA, Pharmaceutical Law & Industry Report. All tweets are my own. Retweets are not endorsements. Email:
Fiona Barry reporter for @InPharmaTechno, @OutsourcPharma and @BiopharmaReport. Personal tweets at @fcjbarry
Sy Mukherjee Editor @IndustryDive, tweeting #Pharma, #Biotech,#Healthcare. @Dartmouth alum, displaced Californian, @Lakers and@Packers fan. Opinions are my own.
Bryan Koenig write about (generic) drugs for FDAnews. @Columbiajourn alum. Suspected political junkie, confirmed nerd. Opinions are mine but wit is for the world.
Public Citizen Citizen is a national, nonprofit advocacy org that has been standing up to corporate power and holding government accountable for 40 yrs.
ACC Advocacy policy news you can use from the American College of Cardiology.
NORD Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD) is the voice of the rare disease community.
DIA is the global connector in the life sciences product development process. Our association of 18,000+ members builds productive relationships.
FasterCures is an action tank driven by a singular goal -- to save lives by speeding up and improving the medical research system
GHTC advocates for research and development for new tools to prevent, diagnose and treat global diseases.
Safe Patient Project @ConsumersUnion campaign working to end secrecy about hospital infections, medical errors, doctors, medical devices and Rx drugs.
Public Citizen HRG your health since 1972.
Formerly @SidneyWolfeMD
ACRO Association of Clinical Research Organizations (ACRO) represents the world's leading clinical research organizations (CROs).
World Medical Assoc Medical Association (WMA): representing 106 National Medical Associations and 9 million physicians
AAMI Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) is dedicated to increasing the safety, understanding, and efficacy of medical instruments
CureTheProcess Foundation for Rare Diseases & its 179 patient organization & physician society partners working to accelerate treatments for rare diseases
Cancer Research of Cancer Research: Accelerating Science and Technology
CRN Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) is the leading trade association representing dietary supplement manufacturers and ingredient suppliers.
IACPRx represents 3,600 pharmacists, technicians, students & members of the compounding community who focus upon the specialty practice of pharmacy compounding.
NPC Pharmaceutical Council: Health policy research on critical issues of evidence, value of medicines for patients & innovation. Tweets on CER, PCORI, more
CPR for Progressive Reform - A think-tank of scholars focused on protecting public health, safety & the environment.

Retweets not endorsements.
TOPRA is the professional membership organisation for individuals working in healthcare regulatory affairs.
RDLA is for rare disease organizations or individuals who are or who want to be legislative advocates.
FDLI is a non-profit organization providing a marketplace for discussing food and drug law issues through conferences, publications and member interaction.
Tufts CSDD Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development is an independent, academic, non-profit research group at Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts.
StrengthenFDA Alliance is the only multi-stakeholder group that advocates for increasing resources at FDA to match the agency’s responsibilities.
COCIR Trade Association representing the Radiological, Electromedical and Health ICT industry #medtech #eHealth
Am Clinical Lab Assn American Clinical Laboratory Association (ACLA) is the nation's leading advocacy organization for clinical laboratories.
CHPA Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA) works to empower families and educate policymakers about the benefits of self-care through OTC medicines.
safebiologics.org're a non-profit org of patients, physicians, & biotech cos. working to ensure patient safety = the forefront of #biosimilars policy. #healthcare #biologics
IPEC-Americas is a trade association actively working to secure the global excipient supply chain to ensure safe and effective drug dosage forms internationally.
UVA VCTRS #regulatory science center; engaging the issues affecting the healthcare development and delivery ecosystems
Brian Reid RelationsBiopharma public relations @W2OGroup, faculty advisor at UNL's @Jacht_Club. Former journalist who believes in the power of storytelling.
Stephanie Fischer RelationsSenior Director of Communications at PhRMA. Rare disease patient & stroke survivor so what we do matters to me! Join me in #RarePOV.
Christian Clymer RelationsSocial/digital lead for PhRMA. Biopharmaceutical innovation cheerleader. AKA The Shoemaker.
Allyson Funk RelationsNew Orleanian in DC. @PhRMA comms. Loves the Saints, pink, baseball, party planning, oxford commas, and @bradjbaker. Views, my own (obvs).
George Goodno RelationsI work for the Biotechnology Industry Organization. Tweets expressed do not represent my employer, as if you already didn't know.
Cecilia Arradaza Relationshandles comms & policy for medical R&D action tank @fastercures. Words matter. Simple & clear go a long way.
Karl Uhlendorf RelationsAs a communications guy at PhRMA, I mainly tweet on topics of interest to biopharma and health - with the occasional deviation.
Tracy Cooley RelationsSenior Director of Communications at the Biotechnology Industry Organization, my views do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer
Kaelan Hollon RelationsBoxer, bourbon fan, crossfitter and avid reader in spare time. I tweet on fun science and medicine stories, and work for PhRMA.
Ingmar de Gooijer RelationsHealth(care) and comms || medical technology || opinions here are my own || also handle @ViewsOnComms
Steve Arnoff Relationsmedia. sports. health and wellness. good food, good humor, good people.
Jennifer Wall RelationsPR gal for the biopharmaceutical industry...
Grady Forrer RelationsI am a communications professional with the biopharmacetucal research industry.
Mark Grayson RelationsPhRMA International Public Affairs
Christopher White Relations 
Preet Bilinski Relations 
FDA Law Blog and Drug Attorney @Hyman, Phelps
Peter J. Pitts me out at
Sidley Austin LLP from Sidley Austin LLP on challenging legal and regulatory issues facing life science companies in Europe and beyond.
Victoria Hudson @Datamonitor_HC. Views expressed are my own.
Cortellis Reuters Life Sciences – Drug Discovery, Development, Regulatory, Commercialization, Forecast and Generics Intelligence by experts, for experts.
SocialHealthInsights Twitter account for Social Health Insights.
Rx-360 and monitor a global quality system that meets the expectations of industry and regulators that assures patient safety by enhancing product quality
FDA483 Intelligence smarter with the FDA | actionable data
Joseph Lee and Behavioral Analysis of FDA Advisory Committee and PDUFA Date Decisions
Rebar Interactive strategy and patient recruitment company serving the clinical research industry. Tweets by Rahlyn Gossen, proud Louisianian and tech/healthcare geek.
FDA Lawyers Blog firm blog designed to help the legal community learn about current issues, decisions, debates and various important subjects concerning FDA. See Resources.
Policy Prescriptions provide concise reviews of health policy literature for clinicians, advocates, and policy makers. Tweets curated by Drs. May Nguyen (@bicmay) & Cedric Dark.
Drug and Medical Device counsel and lawyers, follow us for legal, regulatory and compliance updates in the Drug and Medical Device Litigation industry.
reg-info.com intelligence sources for pharmaceutical professionals and others interested in the development of medicines compiled by Tim Felgate
Context Matters Matters takes a data-driven approach to risk metrics, and has created a platform of intelligently culled, curated, and relevant information and data.
Porzio Life Sciences SIMPLIFIED. Tweets do not equal endorsements or legal advice.
SAC Tracker for the Tarius SAC Tracker. SAC=Scientific Advisory Committee. I cover US FDA SAC meetings. Email: Me:
Kane & Finkel focused on healthcare. A fully integrated agency specializing in pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, diagnostic, and consumer health industry sectors.
exalon updates from Regulators, Industry and Groups about eCTD, RPS, NeeS, XEVPRM & Co!
Graematter, Inc. True Regulatory Intelligence Company - Think Intelligence. Think Graematter.
Tony @ FDAzilla stream of tweets specifically about avoiding those pesky 483s
Wingspan Technology our main Wingspan Twitter account: @wingspantech
Matric Global Advisors Policy Consulting Firm
Tina Avanzato Chiodo clinical research consultancy offering tailored GCP audits, training, risk assessment, clinical trial solutions. Domain portfolio @ClinicalDomains.
Emergo Group for #MedDevice #regulatory compliance with a global presence. Follow up for fresh QA/RA news & updates!
BGF Consulting you in compliance? Regulatary affairs consulting news and advice.
Mark Lansdell Healthcare Consulting. Interested in all things biopharma, particularly R&D. Big pharma medicinal chemist in a former life. Opinions are my own.
CAMPHARM Affairs & Drug Development Consultancy
Myraqa regulatory, quality and clinical consulting, expertise with FDA 510(k) and PMA apps
RegulatoryCompliance Compliance Consultants offers expert GxP & CSV/Part 11 Auditing, SOP & Regulatory Writing, Strategic Consulting, and Training. Tweets by Laurie Meehan
Rory Bligh cover biosimilars and generics for Datamonitor Healthcare, with a particular focus on regulatory and legislative affairs. Views expressed are my own.
BioTurdCEO shareholds one secondary offering at a time.


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