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MHRA Joins other UK Agencies on Consolidated Website

Posted 29 January 2015 | By Michael Mezher 

MHRA Joins other UK Agencies on Consolidated Website

The UK’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency’s (MHRA) this week announced major changes to its website meant to incorporate it more thoroughly into the UK government's main website. MHRA announced its plans to move from the old website ( to in April 2014. The new website launched on 28 January 2015 with a design that incorporates feedback from users on how they use the MHRA website and the Drug Safety Update system.

Differences from the Old Website

The regulator says it designed the new website “so it is easier and clearer to understand,” using input gathered over the summer. The move is part of a larger effort to consolidate the websites of the UK’s government bodies to GOV.UK.

The new website features a vertical layout beginning with a list of major topic areas such as “Drug and device alerts,” and “Marketing authorisations, variations, and licensing guidance.” Scrolling down, users will find a section featuring the latest news and announcements at the agency, followed by an area titled “What we do,” which explains MHRA’s mission and how to follow the agency on social media.

The “Documents,” section below is where you will find announcements, consultations, publications, and statistics released by the agency. The new homepage also highlights the agency’s leadership, corporate information and instructions for filing a Freedom of Information (FOI) Act request.

What Should Users Expect?

MHRA says there is no need to worry about your bookmarks – old addresses will still direct you to the pages you need. Old URLs will redirect users to the relevant page on the GOV.UK or NHS Choice websites. The National Archives will also retain old copies of the old MHRA and Yellowcard Scheme websites. Addresses that have been archived will open on a site instructing you to either view the archive or visit the agency’s new homepage.

As with any major technology redesign, there are some issues with the new MHRA website. Certain pages from the old website are missing or obscured. The previous MHRA website had a page dedicated to conferences and education. Searching the new website for “MHRA + Conferences,” returns pages that cover the topics on the former site, such as “MHRA conferences and events,” and “Request a MHRA speaker at an event or conference;” however, it is unclear how to get to those pages from the new homepage.


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