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How to Schedule Your RAC Exam

Posted 25 February 2015 | By Zachary Brousseau 

How to Schedule Your  RAC Exam

One simple but important step in your quest for Regulatory Affairs Certification (RAC) is scheduling your exam. The four RAC exams are computer-based and are offered at testing centers around the world during the April–May and October–November exam periods, so regardless of which exam you wish to take, there will be a number of possible locations and dates available.

Once you have registered for the exam of your choice, about 15 days before the exam cycle begins, you will get a “Notice to Schedule” email from RAPS’ contracted testing vendor, Castle Worldwide. The email will come from or, so be sure to set your email filters to accept messages from the domain, or check your email junk folder or quarantine if you do not see your Notice to Schedule.

Click the link in your notice email to visit the exam registration system website. To log on, enter the username and password provided in the Notice to Schedule. You must submit your scheduling request at least four days prior to the date you wish to take the exam. You should schedule your exam as soon as you can for the best chance of getting your preferred date and testing center location. Submitting your scheduling request early is particularly important for candidates outside the US, as many non-US sites operate by request, and scheduling confirmation may take up to five days.

2015-02 RL Schedule RAC Exam 3

Once you are logged in, check to be sure you are registered for the correct exam. If the RAC exam listed at the top of the page below “Examination Registration” is not the correct one, stop and contact RAPS immediately. Do not complete the scheduling process until you have confirmed you are registered for the correct exam.

2015-02 RL Schedule RAC Exam 4

Your contact information should be pre-populated on the scheduling page. Check this information and correct any errors before submitting your scheduling request. In the box to the right of “Exam Scheduling Instructions,” select the country where you wish to take your exam. If you are in the US, you also should select up to two states. Then click the “Get Locations” button.

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Under “Testing Site and Date - 1st Preference,” select your first choice from among the sites available in your country or state(s) using the drop-down menu. Then, choose your preferred date and time from the next drop-down menu. Do the same for your second-choice option.

Each testing center has its own schedule, so there may be different days and times available depending on the location(s) you select. “Dates closer to the end of the exam period and on weekends tend to be popular choices, but they are not always available at every site,” says Marcia Tomaselli, MSN, RAPS’ manager of the RAC program.

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If you are scheduling your exam at a testing center outside the US and the sites or dates you want are not listed, click the “More International Sites” button to see the extended list of sites in Castle Worldwide’s network. You may then submit three preferred international site and date options. Within five business days, Castle will send you a confirmation notice for one of your selected sites and dates, or will offer an alternate in the unlikely event that none of your selections are available.

Before clicking “Submit” to send your request, be certain you are satisfied with your selections. “Once the request is submitted, it cannot be altered without paying the [$50 (US)] reschedule fee; this includes changing the date, the site, or even the time of the exam,” says Andrew Penvose, testing coordinator for Castle Worldwide.

Once you submit your scheduling request, you will see a screen confirming it has been sent. However, your exam location, date and time are not final until you receive a Scheduling Confirmation Notice by email from Castle. When received, that notice will serve as your admission ticket to the testing center. This email notice also contains important information about the exam and what to expect at the testing center so you should review it carefully and contact RAPS if you have any questions.

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