Introducing a New Way to Keep Track of What We're Doing at Regulatory Focus

Posted 10 March 2015 | By Alexander Gaffney, RAC 

Introducing a New Way to Keep Track of What We're Doing at Regulatory Focus

Since its launch in January 2012, Regulatory Focus has published thousands of pieces of content, including news updates, in-depth explanations of regulatory issues, information trackers, and editions of Regulatory Reconnaissance. With so much content on our website, it could be difficult to quickly find the information you were looking for. Until now.

Today, we're pleased to announce the launch of our new "Research and Resources" page—a simple way to find some of our best content.

The page contains links to five of our most sought-after resources:

  • Regulatory Reconnaissance, our free daily news and intelligence tracking service.
  • Regulatory Trackers, which keep track of new legislation, FDA advisory committee meetings, where and how to find regulatory information, and an assortment of niche regulatory issues.
  • Regulatory Explainers, which take complex regulatory issues and explain them in plain terms even a layperson can understand.
  • RF Today, our popular daily email which provides a quick summary of the day's regulatory events.
  • RAPS' Scope of Practice & Compensation Report, which contains original research into the work regulatory professionals do and the compensation they earn for their work.

We hope this will make the majority of our high-value content much easier to find, and we encourage you to bookmark our Research and Resources page in your browsers.

We plan to release additional updates to this page in the near future, so check back soon.


Our Research and Resources Page

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