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Tell RAPS How to Get Organized

Posted 08 April 2015 | By Zachary Brousseau 

Tell RAPS How to Get Organized

Sometimes, when you look for information on a website, the intuitive way topics are organized leads you to exactly what you were searching for in mere moments. Other times, information is not where you expect it to be, menus are confusing and when you finally find the page you were looking for, it’s not as helpful as it could be.

RAPS is trying to make navigating its website,, much more like the former experience and much less like the latter. As part of this effort, RAPS has launched a brief, interactive card sorting exercise, and is asking for regulatory professionals and other web visitors to complete it.

The idea is simple. There are various items on virtual “cards” that participants are asked to group together in whatever way is most logical to them. The activity itself takes no more than 15 minutes, and you do not need to know anything about web design. You may even find it fun.

The results will give RAPS more insight into how you think information could be best organized to meet your needs. Your feedback also is confidential. RAPS will not be share it or use it for marketing purposes.

Start the exercise now.

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