RAPS Switzerland Chapter to Host 2015 EU Medtech Reimbursement Roundtable

Posted 04 June 2015 | By Zachary Brousseau 

RAPS Switzerland Chapter to Host 2015 EU Medtech Reimbursement Roundtable

No healthcare product, no matter how innovative or essential, will make it to patients without regulatory approval. Every regulatory professional knows this. But there is another critically important factor involved in getting treatments to patients that you may not know as much about—a concept known as market access.

The elements of market access include reimbursement and the evidence necessary to secure it from payers, pricing and coverage policy. These areas are becoming more important for regulatory professionals to more fully understand and they will be examined in depth relative to medical technology for the European market later this month at the 2015 EU Medtech Reimbursement Roundtable, taking place 25 June in Zurich, and hosted by the RAPS Switzerland Chapter.

“It is imperative to train regulatory leaders to understand the implications of upcoming market access hurdles—reimbursement, pricing and coverage policy—early in the development phase to ensure a successful commercial outcome with proper reimbursement and coverage of your product later on,” says program chair, Amit Kukreja, director of market access, reimbursement and health economics, EMEA for Second Sight Medical Products.

The program is intended for medical device company executives, regulatory and clinical professionals, marketing executives, and reimbursement and health economics leaders. Attendees will learn about emerging requirements and challenges for market access in Europe, the role of the regulatory professional, and demonstrating the clinical and economic value proposition of a product. They also will hear success stories from industry professionals and payers.

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