Looking Forward to Seeing You in Baltimore

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As the calendar has turned from August to September, all of us at RAPS headquarters are counting down to RAPS’ Regulatory Convergence, which is now just a few short weeks away. I look forward to welcoming you to the Convergence, 24–28 October in Baltimore.

The Convergence is all About Regulatory

The Convergence is 100% for and about the regulatory profession. It is about much more than just skimming the surface on regulatory issues. The dynamic educational sessions you’ll find nowhere else go many layers deeper. The Convergence gives you a chance to learn from, and to connect with others who speak the language of regulatory and really understand your challenges.

Converge in Baltimore

Baltimore is a wonderful location to host the Convergence—it’s convenient to reach and rich in history and the culinary and cultural attractions that offer the opportunity to meet and build relationships with other RAPS members. It’s in US Food and Drug Administration’s backyard and it’s also home to one of RAPS’ most active chapters.

It’s no secret that the city faced some challenges earlier this year, and some have asked about safety in Baltimore since social unrest roiled parts of the city last spring. We had similar questions and on the Regulatory Convergence web site, you will find answers to many of these. I also posted the video message embedded below to the Convergence site about our decision to keep this year’s conference in Baltimore.

What has most inspired our confidence and convinced us that keeping the Convergence in Baltimore was the right move have been the continued efforts of the city’s public, community and business leaders who have dedicated themselves to working together and making the city a safe place to live, work and visit.

As a result, travelers are visiting the city in record numbers and Baltimore is on track to host its highest number of conventions this year. Many meetings in the city are experiencing higher than expected and in some cases, even record attendance. Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and central district near the convention center continue to be lively and active places.

We will continue to share more information in the coming weeks on all the exciting things the Regulatory Convergence—and Baltimore—have to offer, including some of the excellent restaurants and chefs participating in our popular “dine-around” event.

The Regulatory Convergence offers a great chance to invest in your career and your regulatory knowledge, and to meet those who drive regulatory excellence around the world. We look forward to seeing you in Baltimore!

To find out more about the Regulatory Convergence or to register, go to RAPS.org/convergence.


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