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Regulatory Recon: Clinton Proposes New Rules for Drug Makers (22 September 2015)

Posted 22 September 2015 | By

Regulatory Recon: Clinton Proposes New Rules for Drug Makers (22 September 2015)

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In Focus: US

In Focus: International

  • Brazil aims to make biosimilars the foundation of its biotechnology sector (BioWorld)
  • Post ANZTPA, New Zealand Plans New Medical Device Regulatory System (Emergo)
  • Novo Nordisk injecting 70m in Iran for insulin pen production plant (InPharma-Technologist) (Pharmafile)

US: Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

  • Exclusive: Americans overpaying hugely for cancer drugs - academic study (Reuters)
  • Generic Drug Price Increases: Implications for Medicaid (Harvard Law Blog)
  • Mylan Moves to Cancel ‘Stichting’ Takeover Defense (WSJ-$)
  • Lack of regulatory clarity dominates US biosimilar debate post Zarxio (BioPharma-Reporter)
  • Amgen Covering Its Bases In Hospira Biosimilars Suit (SCRIP-$)
  • Pfizer and GSK in antidepressant safety probes (Pharmafile)
  • Should Martin Shkreli be allowed to play the Good Samaritan defense? (FierceBiotech)

US: Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology: Clinical Study Results, Filings and Designations

  • Pradaxa Bleeding Events Prompt FDA To Revise Generic Bioequivalence Criteria (Pink Sheet-$)
  • Bird Flu Vaccine Conditionally Approved, but Still Can’t Be Sold (NY Times)
  • AstraZeneca taps crowd sourcing to find cancer drug cocktails (Reuters)
  • New ulcerative colitis data could help Pfizer's Xeljanz pick up the pace (FiercePharma)
  • Roche receives FDA CLIA waiver for flu A/B test for use on its cobas Liat PCR System (Press)

US: Medical Devices

  • Reports of Bad Reactions Rise for Sterility Device (WSJ-$) (Mass Device) (Reuters)
  • FDA is classifying oral electronic vision aids into Class II (FDA)
  • Ceterix Orthopaedics wins FDA 510(k) for NovoStitch Plus (Mass Device)
  • Great Lakes NeuroTech wins $1.9m NIH grant for Parkinson’s DBS research (Mass Device)
  • Medtronic launches real-world study for SuperDimension lung device (Mass Device)
  • Interrad Medical wins DoD, VA supply contract (Mass Device)
  • Arthrex looks to Supreme Court in patent spat with KFx Medical (Mass Device)

US: Assorted and Government

  • FDA Generic Office Director Uhl Returns From Medical Leave (Pink Sheet-$)
  • Updating Quality Standards for Nuclear Medicine and Radioactive Materials (USP)
  • The Government Really Means It This Time (FDA Law Blog)
  • Science Evolution At FDA ‘Transformative,’ Advisors Say (Gray Sheet-$)

Upcoming Meetings and Events              


  • EMA Guidance On Redacting Commercially Confidential Info In Clinical Reports Nears (SCRIP-$)


  • Speed Up Access To Cancer Drugs, Australia's Senate Tells Government (SCRIP-$)


  • Asia's biggest vaccine maker to seek fast-track nod for dengue drug in India (Reuters)
  • Govt committee set to study steep trade margins on medicine brands (Economic Times)
  • Indian regulators add to list of notified devices, formulate QMS requirements for medical devices (Mass Device)
  • Pharmexcil to organise international meet focused on promoting API exports (PharmaBiz)


  • China's BGI and Huawei partner on Big Data genomic system storage (FiercePharmaAsia)
  • Shanghai-based ZAI Lab in-licenses autoimmune candidate from UCB (FiercePharmaAsia)


  • Japan Pushing Forward In Global Scrum For Cancer Leads (PharmAsiaNews)

Other International

  • A Day of Reckoning for Aging Facilities: Is It Time to Invest in Change? (SCRIP-$)
  • Novartis CEO says company to make heart failure drug Entresto at Singapore plant (FiercePharmaAsia)

General Health and Other Interesting Articles

  • The New Technique That Finds All Known Human Viruses in Your Blood (Atlantic)
  • Current status of pluripotent stem cells: moving the first therapies to the clinic (Nature)
  • J. Craig Venter to offer DNA data to consumers (MIT Technology Review) (Reuters)
  • U.S. Paid Contractor $4 Million to Fix Its Own Mess (Bloomberg)

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