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Regulatory Recon: HHS Rejects House Democrats' Push on Drug Prices More Theranos Quality Questions (8 March 2016)

Posted 08 March 2016 | By Zachary Brennan 

Regulatory Recon: HHS Rejects House Democrats' Push on Drug Prices More Theranos Quality Questions (8 March 2016)

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In Focus: US

  • Theranos Ran Tests Despite Quality Problems (WSJ-$)
  • Commitment of CDER Central Funds to Support Intercenter Science Projects (FDA)
  • ‘Leaning in’ on Combination Products (FDA Voice)
  • DNA Barcodes Could Streamline Search for New Drugs to Combat Cancer (NIH Director’s Blog)
  • American company bungled Ebola response (AP)
  • Fixing Erroneous FDA Guidance Can Take a Decade – and Persistence (FDA Law Blog)
  • Reducing Drug Waste Could Save Billions of Dollars (New York Times)
  • US Vaccine Officials Weigh In At The Midpoint Of The Decade Of Vaccines (Health Affairs)
  • FDA In Vitro Diagnostic Chief: Industry Exploits Loophole On Waived Tests (InsideHealthPolicy-$)
  • HHS rejects Dems' push on high drug prices (The Hill)

In Focus: International

  • U.S. industry body says India agreed to not issue 'compulsory' drug licences ( Reuters)
  • Whistle-Blower of Unsafe Medicines Takes on `Made in India' ( Bloomberg)
  • Performance data on collaborative registration of medicines in Africa ( WHO)
  • The Making Of Nepal’s Immunization Law ( Health Affairs)
  • Sanofi and Merck pull the plug on European vaccines venture ( Reuters) ( PR)
  • Better together? Five takeaways on the proposal for a WHO pooled fund ( GHTC)
  • IMDRF Agenda for Meeting in Brazil 8-10 March ( DITTA)
  • ANSM Bans Production at Theravectys’ Paris Facility Until Sept. ( BioPharma-Reporter)( Focus)
  • Man who died in French drug trial had ‘unprecedented’ reaction, say experts ( Guardian)
  • US FDA backlog holding up revamp of inactive ingredients database ( InPharma-Technologist)

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US: Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

  • Promise of Immuno-Oncology Therapies Is Boosting R&D Funding and Alliances ( Tufts CSDD)
  • CRISPR: gene editing is just the beginning ( Nature News)
  • How the US CRISPR patent probe will play out ( Nature News) ( STAT)
  • BIO amicus brief in The Medicines Company v. Hospira ( BIO)
  • TransCelerate webinar on shared investigator platform ( TransCelerate)
  • Inside the ad blitz for Gilead’s Hep C drug ( STAT)
  • Illumina CEO Jay Flatley Built The DNA Sequencing Market. Now He's Stepping Down ( Forbes)
  • Up to Speed on Meldonium ( In the Pipeline) ( Forbes)
  • Abbott's IT layoffs draw fire from Sen. Durbin ( Chicago Tribune)
  • Past free trade agreements provide valuable lessons for future success ( PhRMA)
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb says stops some initiatives in China ( Reuters)
  • Amgen sues Sandoz over biosimilar patent talks ( Law360-$)

Clinical Study Results, Filings and Designations

  • Patients, Scientists Fight Over Research-Data Access ( WSJ-$)
  • Oncologic Drugs Advisory Committee Recommendations and Approval of Cancer Drugs by FDA ( JAMA) ( Editorial)
  • Statisticians issue warning over misuse of P values ( Nature News) ( PR)
  • US fast-track for AZ flu drug ( PharmaTimes)
  • Bayer links with academia on TB research ( PharmaLetter-$)
  • PatientsLikeMe and M2Gen Announce Partnership and Plans for Cancer Experience Study ( PR)

US: Medical Devices

  • Warning about magnetic interference between breast tissue expanders with magnetic ports and implantable cardioverter-defibrillators (ICDs) or pacemakers ( FDA)
  • Protease-Activated Fluorescent Probe Shows Promise as a Cancer Imaging Device ( JAMA)
  • Jury Acquits Medical Device CEO Charged With FDA Crimes ( Lexology)
  • Senseonics sets terms for $64m offering ( MassDevice)
  • BD Receives FDA Approval For New Automated Cervical Cancer Screening System ( Med Device Online)
  • J&J’s Ethicon touts Evarrest in study of aortic repair ( MassDevice)

US: Assorted and Government

  • AMCP Forum Issues Recommendations for FDA Guidance on FDAMA Section 114 ( PR)
  • Missouri House approves prescription monitoring program ( AP)
  • Drugmakers would pay for tossing cancer patient waste under RI bill ( STAT)
  • Policy: NIH push to stop sexual harassment ( Nature)

Upcoming Meetings and Events              


  • Three new drugs cleared for use on NHS Scotland ( PharmaTimes)
  • EFPIA on the Country Reports in the European Semester 2016 ( PR)
  • No variation for change of QPPV and/or PSMF location ( MEB)
  • MEPs approve updated rules to help contain transmissible animal diseases ( EU Parliament)


  • Takeda, AZ say Indian Co. Infringed Daliresp Petent ( Law360-$)
  • CDSCO Notice on Compliance Reports ( CDSCO)

Zika Virus

  • Monitoring and managing insecticide resistance in Aedes mosquito populations ( WHO)
  • States worry they don’t have money to fight Zika ( Washington Post)
  • HHS ships blood products to Puerto Rico in response to Zika outbreak ( HHS)

Other International

  • JP drafts for public comments, March 1 - 31, 2016 ( PMDA)

General Health and Other Interesting Articles

  • Retail Health Clinics Result in Higher Spending, Survey Finds ( New York Times)
  • How cancer cells fuel their growth ( MIT)
  • Hopeful start for first uterus transplant in US ( New York Times)

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