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Regulatory Recon: Plan to Reduce Medicare Drug Payments Widely Panned EU Lifts Warning on Pfizer Smoking Cessation Drug (23 May 2016)

Posted 23 May 2016 | By Michael Mezher 

Regulatory Recon: Plan to Reduce Medicare Drug Payments Widely Panned EU Lifts Warning on Pfizer Smoking Cessation Drug (23 May 2016)

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In Focus: US

  • Entresto Gets Boost in Updated HF Guidelines (CardioBrief) (Pharmafile)
  • Medical Research Bill Stuck in Limbo (Washington Examiner)
  • US healthcare: Power to the patients? (Financial Times)
  • FDA staffers air concerns over Novo's Victoza-Tresiba combo (Fierce) (SCRIP-$) (BioCentury)
  • FDA Rejects "Extraordinary" Position in Battle Over BUTRANS Patent Term Extension (FDA Law Blog)
  • Criminal Trials of Former Health-Care Executives Set to Begin (WSJ-$)
  • Proposal to Reduce Medicare Drug Payments Is Widely Criticized (NYTimes)
  • Opioid Prescriptions Drop for First Time in Two Decades (NYTimes)
  • FDA staff question utility of Sanofi diabetes drugs (Reuters) (Fierce) (Bloomberg)

In Focus: International

  • Europe lifts warning on Pfizer smoking cessation drug (Reuters)
  • France faults Bial and Biotrial over fatal drug trial (Reuters 1, 2) (STAT)
  • China aiming to align with global naming rules for biologics, biosimilars (BioWorld)
  • China's drugs watchdog struggles as senior staff lured away by industry (Reuters)
  • World Bank launches first insurance market for pandemic risk (Financial Times) (World Bank)  (Devex)
  • Bayer's $62 Billion Bid for Monsanto (The Atlantic) (WSJ-$)
  • First EC Borderline Decision: Does it Answer or Raise Questions? (Inside Medical Devices)
  • Russia to compensate drugmakers for price freeze (PharmaLetter-$)
  • The Other Canadian Drug Company That Has Pushed Up Drug Prices (Forbes)

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US: Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology

  • Health Outcomes Among Individuals Exposed to Medical Products Details (Mini Sentinel)
  • Study Suggests Salt Restriction Only Beneficial In People With Hypertension (CardioBrief)
  • After gastric bypass, use of psychiatric drugs may rise (Reuters)
  • Arbor Pharmaceuticals to Acquire XenoPort (Press)
  • It's tasty and easy to take. And that's why a new ADHD drug alarms some psychiatrists (STAT)
  • Quality By Design In Biopharma R&D: Bringing Quality Forward Pays Off (BioProcessOnline)
  • Cutting-edge findings in cannabis research (MNT)
  • Drug switching could save US health system billions (Pharmaceutical Journal-$)
  • With First Trials On Horizon, Value Of Growing Philly Xarelto Claims Uncertain (Forbes)
  • Crestor Discounting Keeps Allergan's Generic Off UnitedHealth Formulary (Pink Sheet-$)
  • How You Can Help Make Clinical Trials Happen (Forbes)
  • Will Fortune Favor The Brave? Biosimilar Sponsors Need High Tolerance For Uncertainty (Pink Sheet-$)
  • US FDA Biologic Transition Plan Creates 'Dead Zone' For Applications, Sponsors Fear (SCRIP-$)
  • Retail Clinics Drive New Health Care Utilization And That Is A Good Thing (Health Affairs Blog)
  • What Comes First? FDA Excessive Claims Finding Or Facility Inspection? (Tan Sheet-$)
  • Acorda Drops Epilepsy Candidate Once Central To Its Revenue Forecasts (Pink Sheet-$)
  • 3 Reasons a Clinical Evidence Database for Multiple Sclerosis is Important (RxView)
  • CDER Talks Switches, Monograph 'More Than Ever,' But Mum On Changes (Tan Sheet-$)
  • Harvard Law Advocates for Patient Access to Hepatitis C Cure (BIO)
  • GPhA, IPEC Call on FDA to Establish Working Groups With Industry (FDANews-$)
  • FDA Status Updates On Citizen Petitions Would Not Signal Decision Pending (Tan Sheet-$)

US: Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology: Clinical Study Results, Filings and Designations

  • New HIV vaccine trial aims to build on earlier modest success (Reuters)
  • Akebia Announces Positive Vadadustat Data Demonstrating No Clinically Significant Drug-Drug Interaction (Press)
  • ​H3 Biomedicine to begin trials of first-ever gene-splicing cancer drug (Boston Business Journal)
  • Janssen's Single-Agent DARZALEX (daratumumab) Approved by European Commission for Treatment of Multiple Myeloma (MM) (Press)
  • ResQ Pharma Submits Investigational New Drug (IND) Application for LipidRescue Therapy to FDA (Press)
  • Exelixis Announces Results from Randomized Phase 2 Trial CABOSUN Demonstrate Cabozantinib Significantly Improved Progression-Free Survival versus Sunitinib in Previously Untreated Advanced Renal Cell Carcinoma (Press)

US: Medical Devices

  • Patient and Consumer Stakeholder Meeting on MDUFA IV Reauthorization (FDA)
  • FDA Extends Comment Period on Electrical Stimulation Device Ban (FDA)
  • Depression symptoms may improve with cochlear implants (Reuters)
  • FDA warns Eclipse Aesthetics on MicroPen personal dermabrasion device (MassDevice)
  • New Chips Propel Machine Learning (WSJ-$)
  • Medtronic buys the right kind of morcellators (EP Vantage)
  • Jury Finds For Edwards's CardiAQ in TMVR Tech Dispute (MDDI)
  • Class 1 Device Recall ABGHM1 Hummi Micro Draw Blood Transfer Device (FDA)
  • Understanding The Difference Between Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) And Log Reduction (Med Device Online)

US: Assorted & Government

  • Anthem, Cigna Privately Bicker as They Seek Merger Approval (WSJ-$)
  • FDA Approves New Nutrition Panel That Highlights Sugar Levels (WSJ-$)
  • Long Beach Hits Monsanto, Pfizer Unit With Enviro Suit (Law360-$)
  • Biotech firm fined $3.5 million for animal mistreatment (Pharmafile)

Upcoming Meetings & Events


  • Siptu fights Pfizer bid to take 1,000 staff off defined benefit pension scheme (Irish Examiner)
  • Russia – A Country In Focus (BioProcessOnline)
  • Update: Send and receive information on adverse drug reactions (ADRs) (MHRA)
  • Ireland: Price Cuts And A New Route to Market? (SCRIP-$)
  • Guidance for implementation of eligibility requirements (EMA)
  • Cancer trials to be streamlined in the UK (OnMedica)
  • Takeda's European chief hails 'turnaround year' (PharmaPhorum)
  • Italian regulator slams simvastatin-maker Krebs for GMP deviations (Outsourcing-Pharma)
  • Janssen's Darzalex approved for myeloma in Europe (PharmaPhorum)
  • Ariad to pick up $25 million from Iclusig sales after French talks (PharmaLetter-$)
  • CHAMPIX® (varenicline) European Union Label Updated to Include New Safety and Efficacy Data from the EAGLES Clinical Trial Following Endorsement from CHMP (Press)
  • Pfizer Announces European Medicines Agency Acceptance for Review of Marketing Authorization Application for TRUMENBA® (Meningococcal Group B Vaccine) (Press)
  • iVascular wins CE Mark for Luminor 18 DCB (MassDevice)


  • Innovation is the key to drive pharma industry in China (BioSpectrum)
  • Japan commits $800 million to the Global Fund (PharmaLetter-$) (BioCentury)
  • Early Stage San Antonio Drug Trial Firm START Opens Taiwan Outpost (Xconomy)
  • Japan Pharma Majors Join Hands For Biomarkers (PharmasiaNews-$) (Press)
  • Malaysia's Medical Device Registration Transition Period Winding Down (Emergo)
  • The Results From A One Year Treatment Of Repatha Presented At The Annual Meeting Of The Japan Diabetes Society (Press)
  • Indian and Japanese regulators agree to greater collaboration (PharmaLetter-$)


  • Delhi court wants more on Roche 'reputation' Avastin biosimilar claims (Fierce) (Economic Times)
  • Court Asks Pfizer To Withdraw Drug 6 Months Before Expiry (Press Trust of India) (Economic Times)
  • After 3 years of proposal, DHR yet to establish Medical Technology Assessment Board (PharmaBiz)
  • Indian Drug Regulator Urges Safety, Ethics, Quality For Clinical Trials (24 Insight)
  • Indian Govt's Bio-Design Program Launches Qora, An Affordable Medical Device (24 Insight)


  • Australia watchdog appeals $1.2 million Reckitt Benckiser fine as too light (Reuters)
  • Counterfeit Medicine Alert: BiCNU (carmustine for injection) 100mg bottle (TGA)


  • Zika looms but El Salvador stands firm on abortion ban (Reuters)
  • U.S. reports 279 Zika cases in pregnant women, Obama pushes Congress on funds (Reuters)
  • Brazil-type Zika confirmed in Africa for first time: WHO (Reuters) (WHO)

Other International

  • Statement on the 9th IHR Emergency Committee meeting regarding the international spread of poliovirus (WHO)
  • Why Doctors Without Borders Is Skipping The World Humanitarian Summit (NPR)

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