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Regulatory Recon: Lilly, Incyte RA Drug Baricitinib Rejected FDA Ends REMS Requirement for Amgen Anemia Drugs (14 April 2017)

Posted 14 April 2017 | By Michael Mezher 

Regulatory Recon: Lilly, Incyte RA Drug Baricitinib Rejected FDA Ends REMS Requirement for Amgen Anemia Drugs (14 April 2017)

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In Focus: US

  • FDA Issues Complete Response Letter for Baricitinib (Press) (Endpoints) (Business Insider)
  • FDA Ends REMS Requirement for Anemia Drugs (Medpage) (FDA)
  • FDA Officials Question Lack of New Cancer Drugs Developed in Combination With Radiation (Focus)
  • Abbott, Alere Advance Contentious Merger With Reduced Price (WSJ)
  • Pfizer Says Execution Drugs Sold to Arkansas Without Knowing (Bloomberg)
  • 2 companies seek to block Arkansas from using their lethal injection drugs (Chicago Tribune)
  • With FDA strong arming, Hyland's recalls homeopathic teething products (ArsTechnica) (STAT)
  • FDA sends St. Jude a warning over two high-profile device issues (Star Tribune) (Focus) (Reuters) (NYTimes)
  • Patient Input Comes Full Circle: Ex-FDAer Gives Feedback To FDA (Pink Sheet-$)
  • Neurocrine's US Label For Ingrezza Should Provide Edge Over Teva's Austedo In TD (Pink Sheet-$)
  • What Precision Medicine Can Learn from the NFL (Forbes)
  • 'It will help us with our product': Emails show how a billionaire's philanthropy boosted his business (STAT)
  • Patrick Soon-Shiong, channeling Trump, uses Twitter to vent anger over attacks (Fierce)
  • Trump administration issues final rule on stricter Obamacare enrollment (Reuters)
  • Examining The Final Market Stabilization Rule: What's There, What's Not, And How Might It Work? (Health Affairs Blog)
  • Trump's Obamacare Subsidy Threat Is Bad Timing For Insurers (Forbes)
  • New CRISPR tool can detect tiny amounts of viruses (Science) (Washington Post)
  • Venture capital continues to flow for biopharma (EP Vantage)
  • When do pharmas disclose launch prices up front? When they're pricing at a discount (Fierce)
  • University of California/Berkeley Appeals Adverse CRISPR Decision by PTAB (Patent Docs)

In Focus: International

  • Cipla, Sandoz Gearing For Seretide Challenge In Australia? (SCRIP-$)
  • Turkish Industry Group Builds New Platform To Support Biotech (SCRIP-$)
  • Emerging China Compliance Issues Warrant Closer Watch: Experts (Pink Sheet-$)
  • EMA Offers Draft Guideline on Trial Master Files (Focus)
  • European Regulatory Roundup: EMA Offers Guidance on Assessing Periodic Safety Update Reports (Focus)
  • Health workforce coordination in emergencies with health consequences (WHO)
  • Improving the prevention, diagnosis and clinical management of sepsis (WHO)
  • Global vector control response (WHO)
  • Cancer prevention and control in the context of an integrated approach (WHO)
  • US pharma warns on IP protection, points finger at China, Australia (PharmaLetter-$) (PhRMA)
  • Moldova Gets Help To Join EU Medicines Network As Equal Partner (Pink Sheet-$)
  • Regulatory filing for biosimilar Herceptin in Japan (PharmaLetter-$)

US: Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology

  • Sorrento drops 39% before Easter after shares offering (Fierce)
  • Public Members needed for FDA's Institutional Review Board (FDA)
  • Novartis' Gilenya patent loss sets MS market up for battle with early generics (Fierce)
  • Abuse-Deterrent Opioids: Postmarketing Data Eyed As Development 'Anchor' (Pink Sheet-$)
  • How Darzalex could surge clear of its multiple myeloma rival (EP Vantage)
  • Persistent sterile injectable drugs shortages put patients at risk (Modern Healthcare)
  • What Doesn't Kill You Can Maim: Unexpected Injuries From Opioids (NPR)
  • Ex-CEO Da Silva chalked up $19M-plus in 2016 pay before Endo sent him packing (Fierce)
  • Gilead stock downfall takes a bite out of CEO's $13.9M pay package (Fierce)
  • AbbVie recruits 'Dancing with the Stars' champ to put the 'ME' in 'endometriosis' (Fierce)
  • Equivalence of complex drug products (GaBI)
  • Sunovion's Dasotraline To Be Filed In US For ADHD Despite Uncertainties (SCRIP-$)
  • California vaccination rate hits new high after tougher immunization law (Washington Post)
  • Innoviva to review costs, executive pay following Sarissa pressure (Reuters)
  • Speed, yield and quality critical for cell line development, says ATUM (BioPharmaReporter)

US: Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology: Clinical Study Results, Filings & Designations

  • Relmada Announces FDA Fast Track Designation for d-Methadone for Adjunctive Treatment of Major Depressive Disorder (Press)
  • Icon Bioscience Submits NDA for DEXYCU, a Potential Transformational Drug Therapy for Treating Inflammation Associated with Cataract Surgery (Press)

US: Medical Devices

  • New Round of Class I FDA 510(k) Exemptions: Limited Impact (Emergo)
  • How Boston Sci is getting drug-eluting stents and balloons into legs (Medical Design & Outsourcing                          )
  • Philips receives FDA clearance to market Philips IntelliSite Pathology Solution for primary diagnostic use in the U.S. (Press)
  • Advanced Cooling Therapy Receives 510(k) Clearance from FDA for Use with New Control Unit (Press)
  • Additive Orthopaedics Announces FDA Clearance of their Locking Lattice Plating System for the Global Extremities Market (Press)

US: Assorted & Government

  • Protection? Fairness? Hardly. (The Health Care Blog)
  • Is Medicare's Value-Based Reimbursement Rewarding Low Quality Hospitals (Forbes)
  • Lawmakers propose $2B prize fund for new antibiotics—if developers waive exclusivity (Fierce)
  • Trump signs resolution allowing U.S. states to block family planning funds (Reuters)
  • Dems petition FDA to ban potentially toxic chemical from shampoos, body wash (The Hill)
  • Another One Bites the Dust: Plaintiff's Causation Expert Excluded in Hernia Mesh Litigation (Drug & Device Law)

Upcoming Meetings & Events


  • Small-cap focus: UK regions (Financial Times)
  • Seeking a lift, Novo launches ultrafast-acting insulin in European markets (Fierce)


  • Fresh PILs filed against 18 hospitals at Delhi HC for overcharging cardiac stents (PharmaBiz)
  • Wockhardt gets favourable ruling from DoP on its review plea against ceiling price of dicyclomine injection (PharmaBiz)


  • Canada on track to legalize recreational pot by July 2018 (Reuters)

General Health & Other Interesting Articles

  • More gay, bi men with HIV receiving care, disparities remain (Reuters)
  • Rates of new diagnosed cases of type 1 and type 2 diabetes on the rise among children, teens (CDC)
  • Mistreated: Why We Think We're Getting Good Health Care and Why We're Usually Wrong (Forbes)

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